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Did You Know? ALL BluHorn customers get access to programmatic buying through our portal, BluHorn Programmatic DSP.  In our system, you can integrate data from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and our programmatic buying portal into our DIGITAL worksheets… where you can create reports and interactive graphs of your spend (across all channels) and compare that spend to traffic results from Google Analytics for the same time period (all in one place, fully integrated in our system).

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Access Anywhere

100% Web-Based Platform

Your real-time data is completely web based and needs no proprietary software to operate.  You can access your dashboard from anywhere, anytime.  All you need is an internet connection.  Our mobile optimized platform makes work on the go a breeze!

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Rockstar Support

Ridiculously-Responsive Service

With support staff sprinkled all over the country, our team is ready and waiting to answer any questions or concerns you have 7 days a week.  Have a platform feature request?  Let our team know!  Our goal is to make you feel like you are the ONLY client in the world!

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Ratings, Digital Insights, Programmatic & More

We offer integrations with your Nielsen & Comscore ratings for easier planning, digital insights with Google Analytics & Facebook for better tracking, and programmatic for digital buying needs.  We’re also fully integrated into Amazon AWS.

See a need, fill a need.

We’re here because we needed to solve our own problem. As traditional and digital media buyers, we had used multiple media planning and buying software programs—and Excel, of course—but kept running into the same issues: expensive platforms with tons of features we didn’t need or use, slow and lackluster customer support, punishing contract and subscription terms, and more.
We scoured the planet for an option that was affordable without scrimping on features, provided the support we deserve at the speed we move (fast!), and didn’t insist on locking us into a long or unreasonable commitment. Alas, we couldn’t find what we were looking for. So we built it.

And since we also remember the frustration of having to jump through hoops just to schedule a demo, we make our demos personal and readily available.

We integrate with…

Sync your invoices to Quickbooks Online or Desktop to save time and streamline your accounting workflow.

Use our Comscore interface to receive program and schedule ratings data, including their advance and highly targeted demographics.

Integrate with Nielsen for automated ratings, shares, and demographic data for TV, Cable and Radio.

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Our DIGITAL worksheets integrate directly with Google Ads. Import data hourly or daily, into our Digital Insights, where you can compare your spend stats vs. Google Analytics traffic data (yeah, we integrate with that too!)

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Our DIGITAL worksheets integrate directly with Facebook Ads. Import data from Facebook into our Digital Insights graph where you can compare your spend vs. Google Analytics traffic data (we integrate with that too!)

BluHorn® Media Buying and Planning Software

BluHorn has been in the market for nearly ten years. Our philosophy has always been to provide a buyer or planner with the most efficient and user-friendly experience possible. We treat our customers like family, and only want the best for our family members. We understand that there are choices in the market for media buying solutions, and that the software must meet the buyer’s needs in order to be a profitable fit. Because we want the optimal experience for our customers, we offer users some unique advantages in the buying software market. We combine traditional and digital media buying options in one place.

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We are a 100% web-based media buying solution, meaning that there is no software to download and no server space needed.  Your buying platform, orders and reports go with you anywhere that you have an internet connection, including on tablet and mobile devices.  Accessibility to your media data from any location means that buyers can work from anywhere, and can present and access information regardless of if they are in front of their office computer, or sitting at a conference table with a client.  This makes telecommuting a viable option for companies throughout the United States and the world.  Freelance buyers get the opportunity to choose where they operate, which can open up possibilities for a variety of buying jobs.

Our software is accessible to users and agencies of all sizes. Our price point is significantly lower than that of our competition because we have streamlined the needs of buyers, and do not require users to pay for features that are not necessary for their processes.  Our pricing structure offers various levels of subscription options, from basic to enterprise.  We understand that not every buyer is the same.  Access to Nielsen or Comscore ratings services is not a requirement for all users and is added at our mid levels and beyond.  We also have insights and integrations with Google and Facebook in order to track your digital spending available at pro and beyond.  However, we can add these or other features like Quickbooks integrations and programmatic buying as a la carte options for those who need them. This makes it simple for users to choose what they need and access it at a price that makes sense for their business.

We offer outstanding customer service.  Our support ticketing system allows users to submit requests for help right there within the platform, and warrants the fastest possible response from our team.  We also offer live screen-share training, weekly webinars on FAQ topics, and live chat on our main website.  Our testimonials and posted reviews show that our users appreciate the steps our team goes through to ensure that customers are satisfied.

BluHorn offers worksheets for each different media type in the quickly-expanding media market.  Our users buy media from a variety of sources and platforms, and BluHorn makes entering and managing each type of buy easier with customized sheets.

Our worksheets offer media-specific selections as well as customizable fields and open comment sections to ensure that all information that buyers want to convey to their representatives is allowed.

Getting started with BluHorn is easy!  Simply enter your information at registration and you have immediate access to the system.  During that time you can schedule training sessions, view videos, and utilize functions and support the same way as a paying subscriber.  If you are a ratings subscriber with Nielsen or Comscore, we can offer trialing of ratings integration as well, which ensures that you get a real feel for how the software will work for you.  We can also help you with digital insights and programmatic information!  Just ask! And, unlike our competition, there are no contracts to sign for subscription.  We want you to be satisfied with the solution that BluHorn offers to you.  We offer monthly or annual packages and are happy to discuss these with you.

If you are interested in getting started with us – simply click on Request Demo.  Or contact us by filling the Contact form for further information.

What the Fluff?

Explore a dynamic & flexible media buying platform

chock-full of the features you actually need and none of the fluff you don’t.

Less fluff, more stuff.

We integrate with…

Quickbooks Online

Sync your invoices to Quickbooks Online to save time and streamline your invoices.

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Provides realtime API integrations.

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Amazon AWS

Sync your invoices to Quickbooks to sabe time and streamline your invoices.


Sync your invoices to Quickbooks to sabe time and streamline your invoices.


Sync your invoices to Quickbooks to sabe time and streamline your invoices.

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