“5 Minutes With” Marco Vitali from Sonic Lens

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our host Wes Benwick talks to experts in the media industry. Today, Wes talks to Marco Vitali from Sonic Lens. Sonic Lens provides Music Intelligence to bridge the necessary divide between marketing and music. To learn more, visit www.soniclensagency.com

Interviewee’s Name: Marco Vitali

Company: Sonic Lens

Website Address: www.soniclensagency.com

Marco I’ve got to break the name down a little bit Sonic Lens marketing agency. This has something to do with music. Something to do with using music to power your marketing. But I would like you to kind of tell me best exactly what Sonic Lens does?

So we’re pretty unique. Most people think of music houses and advertising as jingle houses or people who just put music on commercials but we’re very different. Sonic Lens puts a marketing lens to music for sophisticated marketers so we usually deal with c-suite, at global brands. As well as their agencies and we enable them to take a more strategic point of view for music. Music is such an important part of marketing and who they are especially branding and their relationship with consumers and their cultural relevancy and how they engage consumers. Music is such a huge part or should be. And it’s been treated the same way for the past hundred years pretty much since talking started, where creative is done. Music comes in at the end of the game and they’re like what’ll sound good on this piece of content, you know? It’s more of a tactical way of treating music and what we do is elevated to the level of marketing strategy and the overall marketing mix. I could describe the process but it’s a very unique process that we call music intelligence that has been working very well. So that’s what we do.

Are you writing the music yourself or are you subcontracted subcontract out managing that whole process as part of your marketing agency?

Yeah. So I think of ourselves as like the conductor of an orchestra in a way. I don’t write the music. I and my other producers we get involved in the creative direction but we work with the composers all around the world whoever’s best for the job. So really what we do is we figure out exactly what the client needs. Why makes sense for them. Put together a music strategy and then once they have a music strategy to get it that fits into their overall marketing strategy then we figure out what the creative direction is. We get everyone to sign off on it and only then do we go out to the composers because we know exactly what it is that we need and want and we have a network of composers, a truly global network of composers that worked on projects with Oscar-winning composers, grammy-winning composers. I was managed for a number of years by Niall Rodgers, who is one of the most legendary living music producers in the world. And I’ve worked with everyone. Lots of pretty famous people. So we have a very big network of famous people. And people who aren’t famous yet but should be.

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