“5 Minutes With” Nick Myers from RedFox AI

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our host Mike White talks to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Mike sat down with Nick Myers from RedFox AI, a research company that focuses on voice AI, such as Amazon’s Alexa. To learn more, visit https://redfox-ai.com.

Company: RedFox AI
Website Address: https://www.redfox-ai.com
Interviewee’s Name: Nick Myers


Tell me a little bit about RedFox AI.


We’re kind of in an emerging space right now with what we do working with artificial intelligence and voice assistant technology. We help give brands a voice leveraging the power of voice assistant technologies like Alexa and Google assistant to either increase customer engagement and or strength and internal processes. So it’s been a really exciting time with the space that we’re in. So our stick in the market is we help businesses to leverage this technology figure out how to deploy it effectively and drive in our ally to increase engagement with their customers.


So one year ago what were you doing before all of this started coming about with the artificial intelligence and voice activation.


We were a digital marketing agency. We were doing a lot of the in-house things, social media management, paper, click ads, branding, augmented reality, and VR technology at the time. We ultimately pivoted after I got an Amazon Echo the holiday back in 2017 and the rest is history. I just started researching and learning as much as we could about artificial intelligence, how it works more or less as a technology, and then kind of started taking an even harder look at systems like that.


What’s the biggest change you see coming up in the next 24 months.


It’s kind of a game we play consistently with Amazon and Google because as much as we can do on our own in terms of consulting and using some of their current rules and different things, there’s still some aspects of the technology that we just need to be innovated and developed and expanded a bit more on. I think in the next two years or 24 months like you said I think we’re going to see some very strong headway made in certain aspects of it. Our goal is for it to become more conversational in nature.

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