BluHorn TV – 5 Minutes With Jonathan Greene from LeadCrunch

Each week on Bluhorn TV, David Sillick talks to experts in the media industry. Today David talks to Jonathan Greene from LeadCrunch.

Company: LeadCrunch
Website Address:
Interviewee: Jonathan Greene

Short company description: We utilize advanced artificial intelligence and new, proprietary targeting data to provide B2B lookalike audiences.

What is your favorite advertising campaign that you have created for a client or participated in?: Oracle + Bronto. We were able to reduce their COA by over 50%

David Sillick
Tell us a little bit about the business.

Jonathan Greene
Lead crunch is a B2B marketing company. We try to answer that real tricky question of you know if if technology continues to advance and things continue to get more and more complex, there’s artificial intelligence and there’s CRM and there’s ABM strategies, then why is B2B marketing not improving? And we’ve found that the causes the underlying targeting is pretty terrible. So what we strive to do as a company we’ve come up with a new way to target outside of that demographic. From a graphic modality right which is to say most people begin by saying Let me figure out how many people are in the company and how much revenue they have and what industry they’re in. But the problem is that those underlying information points like next codes and all the things that people use for targeting are really inaccurate.

David Sillick
So tell us about a recent success story.

Jonathan Greene
We worked with Oracle and Bronto and we were able to decrease the cost of acquisition about 200 percent for them. Oracle grotto is just one case study. We’ve got a bunch of people we’ve been able to really move the needle in terms of cost of acquisition for new customers.

David Sillick
How do you usually work with your clients are you retainer based or project based.

Jonathan Greene
Not at all which is actually exciting. We do a cost per lead lead generation so you can come to us with a relatively small amount of pilot a budget you know five grand 10 grand and we can run a program for you and you’ll be able to press that through your funnel and see what the return on that’s going to be. It’s a no risk situation.

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