“5 Minutes With” Avery Manko from The Manko Company

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our host Chase Gunnell talks to experts in the marketing industry. Today, he sat down with Avery Manko from The Manko Company.

The Manko Company is part of a $24+ billion industry. They are a promotional products distributorship and work to show their customers how to use promotional products to generate more leads and referrals, increase customer retention, increase the average transaction and increase sales. The Manko Company works primarily with insurance agents throughout the United States but they have many customers outside of the insurance industry.


Company: The Manko Company

Website Address: www.mankocompany.com

Interviewee: Avery Manko


What is it that makes The Manko Company unique?

We’re a promotional products distributor. We’re located in Wilmington Delaware. We do business throughout the entire country. Promotional products are tangible advertising and marketing. You can feel it, you can touch it, hear it, taste it and overall it can give you a sense of ownership. What my company does is help our customers generate more leads and referrals, increase the average transaction size, increase customer retention, increase sales by teaching them how to use promotional products to grow their businesses.

What are some of the biggest challenges that you face in this field?

One challenge I think is unique to the advertising and marketing industry, in general, is managing to attract and keep the attention of consumers. Another challenge is figuring out how to teach marketers, entrepreneurs and business people that promotional products are more than just coffee mugs and pens. Promotional products are part of a 24 billion dollar industry. When used properly it can be a powerful combination.

What are some of the biggest tools or strategies that you use to combat those challenges?

Promotional products are up close and personal. When you distribute a promotional product to a recipient, they will keep it with them. They will use it and they may pass it along to somebody else. Once you distribute the product to the recipient, that product communicates the marketing message over and over again.

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