“5 Minutes With” Ben Prager from Prager Creative

Each week on “5 Minutes with,” our hosts talk to experts in the media industry. Today, Chase Gunnell sat down with Ben Prager from Prager Creative. Prager’s company is all about achieving meaningful connections through big-picture thinking, collaborative teamwork, and wow-factor creativity that cannot be ignored. To learn more, visit https://pragercreative.com

Company: Prager Creative
Website Address: http://pragercreative.com
Interviewee’s Name: Ben Prager


Prager Creative, give me a quick sum up on it. What does it do. Who can it help.


We are a boutique full service creative agency. We work with clients who are really at the crossroads of challenge and change with any type of marketing communication issues. They need to present their brand in a more impactful or powerful way. They see their competitors really starting to take bigger strides above them in marketing or advertising and messaging. At a lot of points in time that becomes a pain point when they are saying to themselves wow why does X-company look so much better than us. A client might start working with us on a new Web site or a TV ad or digital campaign. One thing leads to another, if they’re beginning to invest in this into where they say Oh you also do that and you do X and Y and Z and let’s talk about where you can help us there. Most of our clients are long term clients.


If you could go into a little bit more detail for me on why it’s so important for a lot of these companies to hire an outside agency like yourself as opposed to just trying to handle their marketing on their own.


Well, hiring an agency makes sense because when you come to us you get a team of experts where as you know if you started to look at the expertise that our team is bringing to the table basically you’re looking at doing one of two things. Building your own internal small creative agency or working with a lot of different resources which may stretch your internal resources when you know they have to manage a lot of different people staying on top of everything. We try to play a role with our clients of being someone who gives them their time back because a lot of times we fought with marketing directors is that they’re always playing catch up trying to get worked on manage different vendors whereas we try and return as much time to them so they can really focus on what’s next.


What are some specific tools or specialties that you and your company has that maybe make you a little different or give you an edge over some similar agencies.


It’s really in our approach and how we deliver work where everything we do is rooted in strategy. We don’t just take a look at what can we do to say, hey here’s a nice looking print ad, but we really dive into the brands. I think just the way we think about that, how our expertise in learning how to make that brand. When I say branding I mean all different types of marketing and communications, I mean your voice, your style, not just a logo. We are not a pure play branding agency so there’s more we know there’s more to that to building marketing communication success.

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