“5 Minutes With” Donvil Collins from VeeKast

Each week on “5 Minutes With”, Mike White interviews experts in the media and digital industry. Today he interviews Donvil Collins from VeeKast.
Company: VeeKast
Website Address: https://veekast.com
Interviewee: Donvil Collins

Short company description: We help our businesses & nonprofits to use video & distribution strategies to get more clients.
The Biggest change in marketing that I see coming in the next 5 years is?: We don’t just produce videos. We find out what the desired result of the video is and then after producing provide a distribution strategy that aligns with the results desired.
Why is it important for a business to hire an outside ad agency as opposed to having just an internal marketing director?: So many to tell, but recently one of our auto clients reached out again to produce 3 more spots because the 1st one(which he was initially hesitant on) got so much new business and success that he asked about doing a few more and increasing the budget.

Tell me a little bit about what VeeKast does and what type of customers do you work with.

We help our customers businesses and nonprofits to gain more attention, more business, more clients using the power of video and also the power of distributing video that meaning YouTube or Facebook.

What’s the number one best strategy to use to grow significantly quickly.

One of the things that I see becoming more and more of a trend is people starting to really put a video strategy into what they’re selling to their clients. I think it’s super important because people are becoming more and more visual. And the stats tell you that people’s attention spans are decreasing and really I always tell people that if you’re not using video you are going to lose 80 percent of the people that might be interested in what you’re providing.

How much of a challenge is it to find the sweet spot between the say the length of a video in regards to the content and finding when people may or may not stop watching.

Well that is a challenging thing and it’s a good question. We’re doing a whole production just for six seconds sometimes. It’s so funny how you know at one point a 15 second commercial was a really short one. Now especially because of YouTube and the way how ads work, people are trying to make sure they can capture attention within three seconds.

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