“5 Minutes With” Eric Mitchell from LifeFlip Media

Each week on “5 Minutes With” our hosts interview experts in the media world. This week, Mike White talked with Eric Mitchell from LifeFlip Media, which works closely with the world’s most progressive, ambitious companies to build campaigns that deliver on their largest business goals and solve their greatest challenges.

Company: LifeFlip Media
Website Address: www.lifeflipmedia.com
Interviewee: Eric Mitchell

The biggest change in marketing that I see coming in the next five years is?

Marketing will fully embrace streaming networks.

Why is it important for a business to hire an outside ad agency as opposed to having just an internal marketing director?

Your company is growing quickly and you know that you need to expand your marketing efforts, but you don’t have weeks on end to look for the ideal in-house candidates.
Even if you do make a hire relatively quickly, it will still take time for your new employee to receive training and become familiar with your company. And if you make a hire too hastily and end up with someone who can’t handle the job responsibilities, you have to go through the time-consuming and costly hiring process all over again.
Although the process of hiring an agency and familiarizing your dedicated team with your business also takes some effort, the time to hire is almost always significantly shorter. Agencies spend their entire working days creating marketing campaigns for their clients, and a professional agency will be able to pick up your marketing remarkably quickly

Tell me a little bit about LifeFlip and how you guys got started.

I come from a background where I was in the military. I was a United States Marine in the 90s through 2001, got out and got into tech. Going from an infantry guy to the Silicon Valley was an interesting transition that I enjoyed making and I worked with three successful startups, was acquired three times and after my last acquisition working for one of the best companies on the planet, I kind of decided to spread my wings start a PR firm. I’ve done PR in the Silicon Valley working getting startups and making every startup look like they were the next Facebook, or as everyone says now, the next Uber.

What are two of your public relations softwares that are in your tool chest that you utilize to make sure you get the client’s most exposure?

We, of course, use PR Newswire, which has a great stable of content there and then we use Grabium. We use that because we can grab them their video posts, their appearance on TV, and give it to them within 20 minutes.

What is the most important reason why someone should bring in a public relations consultant instead of just doing it in-house themselves?

I think it’s the most difficult for folks to try to get media themselves. I know that there is a lot of fly by night ads that you can see that are out there and folks telling you this grandiose that you can go on and get social, you get PR yourself, get this national exposure yourself. It’s not that easy. The relationships take years to build. We’ve been in business for over five years and it’s a lot of trips to New York. It’s a lot of meeting the right people dealing, with turnover, and understanding long as you’re working your way to getting to someone high level that can take care of you. The problem is is the people who want to do it themselves, they believe this image of I’m going to go and get a tool or a software and I’m going to get a list of all these producers names or bookers names and I’m just going to fire out a pitch and pray that somebody picks me up. And instead, all you’re really doing is getting ignored because secretly it takes you getting to the next rule which is actually using your phone and texting and having phone calls with these folks and then being on the on that kind of connection

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