“5 Minutes With” Gina Shreck from Social KNX

Each week on “5 Minutes With” Wes Benwick interviews experts in the media industry. Today he sits down with Gina Shreck from Social KNX. They are a “done for you” agency that covers Blogging, Email Marketing, Lead Gen, Social Media Content Creation and Management, Community Management and Online Customer Service. To learn more, check out their website at https://socialknx.com.

What is Social KNX?

Well you know there’s a lot of people who say we can come in and teach you or we will help you put together a strategy. And what I found years ago is that I can help you put together a strategy. And then I look a month later and still nothing has been done. So our agency does the work, we write the content, we post the content, we build the community, we’re an extension of the marketing team that does the work daily for most companies.

Why did you get into marketing?

It’s a very strange and squiggly path but I was in a technology side, working with companies in marketing, working one on one. We would go out and put together marketing programs for them. And I was in the middle of doing a long term project for IBM and they wanted me to do this program in a virtual space so we could bring a global team together, so I would log in as an avatar into a campus in Second Life, which is a virtual world. And this blew my mind but it got me into an area that then people wanted me to come and speak at conferences about this using this technology. And that was about the time social media was coming on the scene. And so I just have always loved technology and shiny objects and got involved in using that technology, the social media tools to connect with other people using this 3D virtual space.

You’re the first person I have ever spoken to who has either admitted or at least you actually used Second Life. Which was sort of the the precursor to a lot of social media. I’m sure it’s still around. But yeah talk to me about that because that’s a whole fascinating story in itself.

It’s crazy and I always tell people it’s awesome because your hair always looks great. Your avatar looks hot. You always could do that and you fly to your meetings and at IBM there were people who would show up to these events and their avatar would be a dragon. We were working with Kodak and IBM in these virtual world spaces. So it was very mindblowing.

What changes do you see in the next five years.

I think in the next year working we’re going to continue to see live streaming and live videos really playing a bigger role with companies. We’re seeing people embrace that. But I don’t think the viewers on LinkedIn will adopt that behavior just yet. And it’s just an interesting dynamic. LinkedIn you’ve got businesses they’re not just going to be sitting on their computers at work listening to someone for 30 minutes but Facebook you see that. So I think it’ll take a while for LinkedIn to catch on with the adoption of that.

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