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BluHorn TV – “5 Minutes With” Mary Jo Van Horn from Van Horn Media “Drama in the Workplace”

Company: Van Horn Media, Inc
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Interviewee: Mary Jo Van Horn

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As a Media Buying Expert turned Life Coach, Mary Jo Van Horn helps business owners and professionals significantly decrease work-related stress and increase creativity and productivity.

In the Next 5 years, the biggest change to marketing will be what?:
The shift from “fear and scarcity” messaging to “creative and positive change” messaging.

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Mike White
Welcome back to BluHorn TV on Five Minutes With, we have a guest coming back and joining us today is Mary Jo Van Horn from Bismarck, North Dakota. Mary Jo is with Van Horn media and is a media buyer transitioned into a life coach that helps business owners, CEOs, executives, eliminate stress and handle different things in the workplace. Today we’re going to talk with Mary Jo about how to handle workplace drama.

Mary Van Horn
Thank you Mike.

Mike White
So, workplace drama. Tell me a little bit about how you come in and help coach CEOs and executives to be able to reduce this in the workplace.

Mary Van Horn
Sure. So we’re all aware I think of workplace an office drama. The employees complaining, gossiping, maybe flying off the handle with some angry outbursts, and how that can really slow down or even shut down at times the creativity and the productivity at work. And what’s important to note is that the thing that they are complaining or gossiping or fighting about that they think is at the heart of the matter is almost never at the heart of the matter. And what I can do for you is as help get to what that real root cause is. And it’s almost always this old stuck thought pattern that’s playing this endless loop you know in the back of their mind. And so getting to that and becoming aware of what they’re really thinking and what they’re really feeling is the first key to letting it go.

Mike White
So a lot of times of executives CEOs and people who are managers will look at an employee and think that are bad apple and need to move them aside. But in the case it might just be dealing with some of their stress points and being able to coach them out of it. Is that possible that takes someone who an executive thinks might be a bad apple and actually bring them back on track.

Mary Van Horn
Oh absolutely. And not just like you know what you would consider a bad apple but perhaps an employee that lacks self-confidence or lacks some self-esteem. Right. And it really is to get to that root cause and and becoming aware of that and then helping them to see the untruth.

Mike White
So is this like an intervention where you come into a meeting together with the employer and employee or how does this this work?

Mary Van Horn
It kind of depends on the circumstance and what’s really going on with the employee or the team or the client and the employee. So it can be a combination perhaps first working one on one. That’s where I found I get the the most compelling and best results is first working one on one with that individual and then it can we can bring in some of the other members and kind of guide them through a new process in a new way of thinking and communicating.

Mike White
What happens if the issue lies with not necessarily the employee but their manager. How do you handle a situation like that?

Mary Van Horn
Absolutely. So in that case I would do the work with the manager as well. So if if it’s showing up right in the manager’s world so to speak I will always work or always recommend that we work with all individuals involved in this situation.

Mike White
Excellent. Well Mary Jo if they want to find out more about your coaching services and how you can help eliminate the stress as well as the drama from the workplace where is someone gonna go?

Mary Van Horn
You can go to my website You can also find and connect with me on LinkedIn also at Mary Jo Van Horn.

Mike White
Well Mary Jo thank you again for coming on the program it’s a pleasure as always. And to find out more about Mary Jo visit our Web site or visit We look forward to having you as a guest and look forward to seeing you next time on BluHorn TV.

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