BluHorn TV – “5 Minutes With” Quentin Gause from Iron Visuals LLC

Each week on Bluhorn TV, David Sillick talks to experts in the media industry. Today David talks to Quentin Gause from Iron Visuals LLC.
Company: Iron Visuals LLC
Website Address:
Interviewee: Quentin Gause

Short company description: Iron Visuals is a digital media, marketing company specializing in capturing content telling your story through high quality video, Graphic Design creating a beautiful master piece for your brand, and Digital Marketing helping you reach your target audience.
What makes your company unique?: Our services, customer services, and professionalism.
Tell us about a recent success story: Helped a client organically convert leads into sales and gave them a great ROI.
In the next few years, what is the biggest change that you feel will happen in marketing?: There is an even more huge demand for video. Around 68 % of people prefer to learn about a product or service through video. 15% text based articles, 4% infographic , 4% Presentation & Pitches, 3% Ebooks & Manuals.
What is one tip you would provide someone asking for your marketing advice: Marketing your brand today and getting it in front of people has become even easier because of the social media platforms. Using the right strategy and adjusting your brands strategy when need be is very critical to your brands success.

David Sillick
So tell us a little bit about the company and what inspired you to start it and come up with a name like Iron Visuals

Quentin Gause
So Iron Visuals comes from Proverbs 27:17, iron sharpens iron, another man sharpens another. That’s why I came up with the name. And you know when I was playing in the NFL I always would continue to think of like Hey I wanna create something that is generational, that my family can continue to keep building on. It’s something that I enjoy doing. I got my degree in sports journalism and media and I went to ESPN and you know got a lot of experience over there. In our company what makes us different is just like our customer service the way our videos are. We try to bring forth that cinematic feel to our clients instead of just the basics.

David Sillick
What would be one piece of advice you would give a prospective client

Quentin Gause
What are you trying to accomplish with your brand? Are you looking to to generate leads? You want to get people to come in and you want to know you are going to get sales. We want to know and understand your business’ issues. And it’s our job to go in and figure that out and what we do is we love to get to know the client. We want to get a chance to really dig in and understand the client like build that relationship with them. So the biggest thing is like for them just to really understand where are their strengths and weaknesses are.

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