“5 Minutes With” Rick Magennis from Bearcat Media

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” Gary speaks with experts in the marketing world. Today he speaks with Rick Magennis from Bearcat Media.
Company: Bearcat Media, LLC
Website Address: https://bearcatmedia.com
Interviewee: Rick Magennis

Short company description:
Bearcat Media is a full-service high-touch digital marketing agency that educates prospects in the small and mid-sized business space that range from start-ups to $25m. BCM approaches your marketing
objectives in a sequence, phased process creating a raving fan base.
How does your marketing strategy change from working with a local advertising client to a national advertising client?: We do custom strategies for each client, regardless of their size or location.
How do you define success?: Helping companies achieve their marketing goals TOGETHER. We are a partner.
The biggest change that your predict will happen in marketing in the next 5 years is what?: Artificial Intelligence will be come more mainstream and require people to change how marketing is done (in a good way).
Why is it important for a business to hire an outside ad agency as opposed to having just an internal marketing director?: An agency are the experts in a given niche and can be more resourceful than an in-house team. The agency can deploy tactics that are tried and true.
Gary Spurgeon
How did you get started in the digital business.

Rick Magennis
I was a pharmaceutical sales rep back in 2009. I was laid off. They hired me back again in a way to me off again. So I decided that was the end of it. And I was going to do something different. But the only problem was I had a baby on the way and had to figure something out quick. So I decided that I was going to do affiliate marketing and monetize Web sites through Amazon and I built a couple Web sites related to baby products. And then I started making money with that. And then I decided that I wanted to branch out and to see if I can build the business on creating Web sites for small and medium sized businesses. And then I reached out to friends who had businesses built on Web sites for free just to just to get my name out there and from there the rest is history. I’ve built my own web design agency from just strictly that to a full on digital agency in seven years.

Gary Spurgeon
Why is it important to hire a digital ad agency today?

Rick Magennis
In my experience I’ve seen that the businesses that I work with and that I talk to don’t understand digital. They may see the need for a Web site but they don’t understand that having a Web site is not the only thing that they need to do. And unfortunately they’re not educated in digital marketing to be able to do that. They don’t have the budget to hire someone in-house or they don’t have the expertise themselves. So that’s where agencies like myself come in.

Gary Spurgeon
What’s the biggest trend that you’re seeing in the future with digital.

Rick Magennis
Yeah well the big thing now is artificial intelligence and how companies are using it to to grow their businesses. You just take a look at Amazon what they’re doing with their with their Alexa devices. You can order something just by speaking to it and it’ll show up to your door in a day. And another trend that I’m seeing is the chat bots which are the artificial intelligence. Believe it or not a lot of customers and prospective customers want to interact with chat bot more than they do with actual human beings. They they get their answers quickly and they get the 24 hour service. That’s the that’s the key there is they can go online at 2:00 in the morning someone may not physically be there but they can get an answer to the question and potentially order a product.

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