BluHorn TV – 5 Minutes With Susan Walsh from Sales Link Inc

Company: Sale-Link,Inc.
Website Address:
Interviewee: Susan Walsh

Short company description: Changing the sales role by taking a grass roots rather than a top down approach. Traditionally, sales always commanded the high pay, the high clout when in fact many hunters (also known as lead generators) are the ones carrying the heavy load, bringing in the new business.
How does your marketing strategy change from working with a local advertising client to a national advertising client?: We are an international company.
How do you define success?: Blowing up the “norm”.
The biggest change that your predict will happen in marketing in the next 5 years is what?:That marketing tools and processes will replace traditional sales.

Mike White launched Client Focused Media in 2002, the leading integrated marketing firm in Northeast Florida with extensive capabilities and experience providing strategic planning, marketing, creative, advertising, printing, branding, public relations and crisis communications services. He also serves as the Publisher of Jacksonville Buzz Magazine which reaches 150,000 readers each month and is the CEO of Bluhorn Solutions. Because of White’s commitment to provide the broadest range of integrated marketing services possible for CFM’s clients, he also founded an events production company as well as a promotional product company to support CFM’s cutting edge marketing campaigns and to yield measurable results for CFM clients at the most efficient rates.

Mike White
Good morning. Tell us a little about what you provide customers.

Susan Walsh
We provide our customers with an opportunity to gain more business and we do that by bringing in tools to them so that they can learn to use the tools.
Mike White
What is kind of your rebuttal on why they need to bring you in as an outside contractor or vendor to assist their business and sales.

Susan Walsh
I first asked them, Did you make your sales numbers and then they always say no. We always want more. And so then the next thing I do is I ask them what is the relationship like between sales and operations. I start asking those important questions that can help you see if the company is sales centric.
Mike White
How are you advising businesses to stay ahead of the shift.

Susan Walsh
First I’m advising them that they always have to be ahead of it. And I have recently been doing some talks about how the industry is changing with social media with videos with ways that customers can learn about you before you’re even talking with them. The email campaigns of the past, even though you still have to do them, they aren’t enough. I always tell them there’s a three hit process. It’s got to be email campaigns, it’s got to be a call center, and then it’s got to be Linked In.

Mike White
What sets you apart from the other companies that are doing similar tactics.

Susan Walsh
I really appreciate that question because there is something key with our tool called form of VDI. It’s an information system we has a half a million texts in our system and we have 15 people in our back office that keep that data fresh and clean. So you will not find another organization, another company like mine, that has the information readily available so that salespeople can access it. We’ve got 21 years, three million dollars into the system, and it’s ready to go and sales people can access it tomorrow and get going on creating new business opportunities so that’s our key differentiator.

Mike White
Well Susan thank you very much for joining us on the program today. If you’d like to find out more about Susan’s company and Sales Link, visit us at We look forward to seeing you next time on BluHorn TV.

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