“5 Minutes With” with Brad Luttrell from GoWild

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our hosts talk to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Mike White sat down with Brad Luttrell from GoWild, an activity-based social and e-commerce platform for outdoor enthusiasts. We utilize behavioral data to drive customer leads and data analytics for brands, and soon will have a robust e-commerce system for consumers. They’ve worked with brands like Polaris, Garmin, First Lite, and National Wild Turkey Federation.



Company: GoWild
Website Address: timetogowild.com
Interviewee: Brad Luttrell

How did you come up with the GoWild concept?

So I’m a hunter and I realized that there was not a place to engage with other people and learn. That idea really started me looking for other platforms and I couldn’t find one. It’s 2016, there’s got to be a better way to talk to other outdoor enthusiasts like myself. So we built a platform and we’ve got tens of thousands of people using the platform today and it’s growing.

What, in terms of a revenue-generating source, is your whole goal to get advertisers that want to reach out to the niche audience and community?

So it starts with advertising, I mentioned a second ago that we can really help brands reach an audience in a niche manner so advertising is at the base level of that. So if you want to reach fishermen there’s a big difference between someone that fishes for trout versus bass or that fly fishes versus a usual spring typical spin caster. So we can actually help you target for the tackle per the species per the activity. For brands, we’re also helping them better understand what consumers are connecting with their brand. That’s all based on just public data that the user is logging. This isn’t anything, it’s not an invasion of privacy or anything like that. It’s just based off the information they’re sharing with the public community.

So what would you or what advice would you have for someone who is getting ready to get into the e-commerce space?

You know we’ve looked at a lot of e-commerce platforms and a lot of apps and Web sites and I don’t think there is a cookie-cutter approach. As we’ve been looking at this we’ve looked at what some Web sites do well such as Amazon or you can look at some of these niche Web sites that are selling. We realized that you really have to think of the relevant information that your audience is going to be looking for. I mean Google found that the people that were shopping on their platform were turning around and going to YouTube to Google you know X-product review. So if you can bring that kind of information to the product page you’re going to have much better conversions.

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