“5 Minutes With” with Spencer Powell of Builder Funnel

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our host Chase Gunnel talks to experts in the marketing world. Today, Chase talks to Spencer Powell of Builder Funnel.
Company: Builder Funnel
Website Address: www.builderfunnel.com
Interviewee: Spencer Powell
Short company description: Established in 2010, Builder Funnel is an award-winning inbound marketing agency dedicated to helping home builders, design-build remodelers and contractors tackle their biggest marketing challenges.  Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, our office sits at the base of Pikes Peak, affectionately known as “America’s Mountain.”

Tell me about Builder Funnel and how you go involved.

We’re a digital marketing agency in Colorado Springs and our focus is on helping the construction space. So we work with a lot of homebuilders, remodelers, contractors, and primarily do content marketing and inbound marketing. I got started basically merging two different worlds. One side of my family was in the homebuilding space and they’ve been in that space for over one hundred years. The other side of my family was in direct mail marketing and they were kind of working on converting that company into a digital marketing company.

How is digital marketing different when it comes to the marketing of a builder or a contractor’s job as opposed to say a media company.

I would say a lot of the principles still apply but you end up trying to create your own media company for some of these clients. So let’s take a remodeling situation as an example. You start creating content and you start digging into some of the pains and what people are experiencing on that side. And it’s a lot of expectation setting around like what’s the process look like for remodeling my home. How much does it cost. How do I go through the design and selection process, and there’s all these questions. We end up answering all those questions through the form of content. That could be blogs, videos, podcasts, but it really comes back to what are people out there looking for.

What would you say in your specific field is the biggest tool when it comes to marketing.

I would say in terms of content, talking about costs has been the biggest driver of traffic. I think people are nervous to say, hey it’s going to cost between this and this. And so the people that have been willing to just be transparent about what goes into that cost are drawing in a lot more prospects and customers because they’re transparent and they’re talking about what goes into that. With tools in tech, I think automation and using kind of a long term nurturing strategy is really important because the sales cycle on either buying a home or remodeling a home is typically pretty lengthy. Having a good way to stay in touch with all those leads and people that come through the website without having to manually follow up has been a huge time saver.

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