BluHorn TV “Five Minutes With” Lyn Wineman from Kid Glov

Company: KidGlov
Website Address:
Interviewee: Lyn Wineman
KidGlov is a group of boutique advertising agencies that offers personalized, passionate client service and insightful creative.

How does your marketing strategy change from working with a local advertising client to a national advertising client?:
Historically, local clients have forgone formal branding work, while national clients have leveraged their brands. We like to say “Branding is not just for the Big Dogs.” and apply proven principles to strengthen local brands so they can enjoy the benefits of a strong brand (warding off competitive threats, commanding a higher price and setting the stage for a more positive internal culture. )
How do you define success?:
We use the term “advancement” and ask ourselves, “Have we advanced the brand toward meeting their goals.” Likewise we use the same yardstick for our team, asking ourselves, “Have we individually and as a group advanced in our skills?”



Mike White
Welcome back to Five Minutes With on BluHorn TV. I’m Mike White and on five minutes with we interview CEOs executives media buyers and planners from all over the country and talk about what sets them apart and what great things their companies are doing. Joining me today all the way from Lincoln Nebraska we’ve got a company called KidGlov and talking today is Lyn Wineman, the president and chief strategist. Welcome to the program Lyn.

Lyn Wineman
Hey Mike! Thanks for having me on your show.

Mike White
What is the importance of branding not just for the large companies but why is it important for small business to brand themselves appropriately.

Lyn Wineman
Sure sure. We focus on local marketing for companies that are maybe mid-sized or non-profits and in the past, branding has been more for generic companies. We all think of Apple and Starbucks and the car brands et cetera. But really with all of today’s technology and resources, branding is very important for local companies and it can put them on a level playing field.

Mike White
When did you start the company?

Lyn Wineman
We actually just had our ninth anniversary, we are very much looking forward to that 10th year.

Mike White
So what are the ideal candidates to get into the group that make KidGlov’s 12 member team.

Lyn Wineman
Yeah. It’s that’s a great question because I like to say at this size, I get to hand pick everybody who’s on our team and so the first thing we look for is somebody that’s got a positive world view. Sometimes people in the creative business can be skeptics and we’re looking for smart people who have a positive world view. We look for people who have fire in the belly. They have a sense of urgency and a sense of wanting to accomplish things. We look for courage, because our industry is changing so rapidly that you have to be willing to try new things all the time. And then last but not least we look for people that love what they do. I mean if we’re gonna be in these small teams together we need people who can’t wait to get up and come to the office every day.

Mike White
Lynn why should someone hire an outside marketing consultant to come in and do their branding and not just satisfy their position with their in-house marketing person.

Lyn Wineman
Sure absolutely. One of my favorite marketing books is called Orbiting the Hairball and it talks about how when you’re on the inside of an organization it can be like a hairball and you can get sucked into it and therefore you’re not advocating for the target audience. And I always think as agencies we’re advocating for the target audience so we can step one step away from the organization and really look at things objectively without having to worry about office politics etc. but then also we can bring a team of best of breed creative and strategists. We can bring a top notch creative director who has experience in their industry as well as other industries, a top notch strategist, a top notch writer, a top notch chart director, so they can without paying for a best of breed team they can get a best of breed team. As a matter of fact a few of our clients instead of having a marketing director or a marketing department we serve that function for them dealing directly with the owner or the president or the executive director of that organization.

Mike White
Well that’s amazing. While I appreciate you joining us on the program today! To find out more about KidGlov and the wonderful branding they’re doing visit We look forward to seeing you next time on BluHorn TV.

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