“5 Minutes With” Brett Ehrlich from Therapist Preferred

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our hosts talk to experts in the media industry. Today, Wes Benwick sat down with Brett Ehrlich from Therapist Preferred. Therapist Preferred is proud to announce its new line of premium, organically grown CBD products at the forefront of wellness, developed utilizing the most advanced nanotechnology. To learn more, visit therapistpreferred.com.

Company: Therapist Preferred
Website Address: www.therapistpreferred.com
Interviewee’s Name: Brett Ehrlich

How did you get into sports marketing and what did you do inside of that industry.


So I’ve been in the sports marketing industry, media sponsorship consulting for the last 20 plus years. Twenty plus years ago I started my career at Turner Sports on the media side of the sports industry and just realized that this is the engine keeping these industries alive. Last year I launched my own boutique sponsorship consulting agency as well called Hillside Sports.


I definitely want to talk about Hillside Sports but we’re also talking about therapist Preferred. I want to talk about the marketing behind that and the connection back with sports.


We officially launched it about six months ago, but it’s been in development for the last year. So I had a couple orthopedic surgeries. I’m still the kind of guy who goes out and plays sports. Way too often and found myself injured a number of times over the last couple years. I had shoulder and elbow surgery last fall. I started spending a lot of time with a physical therapist and both of us had been separately experimenting with some CBD creams that we were using in my recovery and also for his daily use. We decided to launch our own company.


Where do you guys fit in the CBD spectrum.


So what I will say is people use it for a lot of different things both when they’re not feeling great and then also when they’re healthy or just their general wellness. That’s really part of the positioning is we believe this is a super compound and we believe that it has tremendous benefits to all people who utilize it and that’s really the story that we’re out there pushing. An exciting field to be in I think because besides being cutting edge and and buzz popular in terms of of its name and what it can do. It’s sort of unknown right.


How do you guys differentiate yourself from the competition and how does your sports marketing background help you make this company stand out amongst the competition.


I couldn’t do this without the background that I have from sports marketing. I’ve learned so much along the way and every day I’m continuing to learn more and more as we get off the ground. But really for us we’re differentiating ourselves for those people who are recovering or just want to use as part of their overall regimen. And we’ve been able to find a nice little niche in the market because there’s a lot of brands that are going for different things. We found that no one is necessarily catering to this particular market.


What are some of the strategies that you’re going to use to get the word out.


It’s really a combination of a lot of things. We’ve been doing some event marketing, so really utilizing that background. I’ve spent a lot of time producing events, selling sponsorship for events, etc. A couple of months ago for the first time really I was behind the booth at a triathlon that we sponsored and engaging with all the different people who walked up. That was completely new for me but I got such a rush out of talking to everyone and talking passionately about my own product that that’s definitely something that we’re going to continue to do.

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