“5 Minutes With” Britt Ellsworth from Harmon Brothers

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our hosts talk to experts in the media world. Today, Wes Benwick sits down with Britt Ellsworth from Harmon Brothers. They are the creator of long-form branding and selling videos for companies like Squatty Potty, Purple, Cubcoats, and Lume.

Company: Harmon Brothers

Website Address: harmonbrothers.com

Interviewee: Britt Ellsworth

What role have you played in some of your company’s success?


I’m a media buyer with Harmon Brothers. Harmon Brothers is known for their long form video ads that drive a lot of sales as well as branding. So I came in as a media buyer to run on platforms like Facebook and Google and Pinterest and Display and things like that. Since I came down and really had the chance of writing on some of the projects. My role is just to distribute the ads that they’ve created to have the greatest strategy behind them to get the best results.


What would you have to say to your own clients or other media buyers maybe about the role of long form in today’s climate?


Great question. You know long form copy is still is still very much alive and long form video definitely has a place in a lot of a lot of companies. Long form video really helps to nail the problem that people are feeling, the pain of the problem that people are feeling. Once you’ve hit that and if your solution fits, I mean we’ve had up to six-minute videos and they converge. It’s more about your message, what you’re telling them, how you’re helping them survive and thrive. You know speaking to their subconscious and their reptilian brain.


How does that impact where you choose to run or at least target and place those ads.


Definitely on the social platforms and in the feed. We do run on Pinterest a little bit longer, but Pinterest isn’t isn’t the same style as Facebook and YouTube. We never underestimate the power of the feed. People are there searching, they’re looking for for something interesting.

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