“5 Minutes With” Carrie Majewski from Trilix

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our host Mike White talks to experts in the marketing industry. Today, he sits down with Carrie Majewski from Trilix, a business and technology consulting firm, helping clients reach newfound levels of greatness.

Company: Trilix
Website Address: https://trilixtech.com/
Interviewee: Carrie Majewski

What is Trilix?

We’re a business and technology consulting services firm and we really focus on helping our clients create a culture of growth. So much of growth as we know involves everything from the customer experience to the brand story to how you’re investing in your employees. We meet with companies across all verticals, mostly the small and mid-sized market, and we look at where their growth is stagnating. Typically what we find is it falls in one of four lanes. It’s strategy, technology, marketing, or it’s sales. We’re able to really come and bring that fresh perspective and just introduce some important changes and adjustments that can really help them move the needle forward on their growth narrative.

What’s the biggest change that you see coming up in the marketing landscape over the next 12 months.

It’s an interesting time in marketing for sure right now. I think that we’ve been seeing trends circling back towards grassroots marketing and having a strong personal connection with your customers and your potential customers. We’re looking at things like how do you have that high touch, whether it’s a direct mail, because no one does direct mail anymore, or you look at things like a live chart. It’s how you build that intimacy and connectedness with your customers.

Why should a company outsource to someone like you?

Diversity of thought is one of the biggest things that we’re hearing in the diversity conversation today. When it comes to creativity and innovation and especially marketing diversity of thought from the outside can be so impactful. I think if you’re looking at things like marketing and sales and overall business strategy, even if you had a quick consult with somebody that’s outside your organization you could suddenly start to see the problem through a completely fresh lens.

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