“5 Minutes With” Chris Wronski from W Marketing Group

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our host Mike White talks to experts in the marketing industry. Today, he sat down with Chris Wronski from W Marketing Group, a full-service marketing firm providing comprehensive marketing and advertising strategies for companies. W Marketing Group does it all so that your brand can have a consistent message and your branding is on point across all campaigns. To learn more check out https://wmarketinggroup.com.

Company: W Marketing Group

Website Address: https://wmarketinggroup.com/

Interviewee: Chris Wronski

What is the biggest change that you see coming up over the next two years in the way people advertise?

I think augmented and virtual reality are going to start taking a bigger role in advertising. I mean just imagine how many games are coming out for the Oculus. the PlayStation and more. Google has already started working with Google Cardboard for virtual reality. People are going to be using that more and more. Then there are augmented reality games like Pokemon Go It’s important to try and stay ahead. It’s always difficult to try and bring new things to clients.

How do you suggest working with clients to bring these changes to them?

It can be difficult for small businesses to get involved due to the price. These new technologies can be applied to all kinds of businesses, not just gameplay. For instance, I have an interior design client and I’d love to create an app for her that uses augmented reality. Through it, she can upload different wallpapers that she has and show people what they would look like in their home using the app. People will then want to download the app for themselves which will serve to help spread the branding.

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