“5 Minutes With” Christina Skirvin

Christina Skirvin
Senior Media Strategist/Planner/Buyer 

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our host Susan St.Denis talks to experts in the marketing industry. Today she sits down with Christina Skirvin.

What does an effective media plan need to include?

Well an effective media plan has to first start with a strategy. You need to understand what the target audience is and what makes them tick in order to even be able to put the plan together to understand what media is gonna be included in that media mix. Budget is also a very important thing to know when you’re putting the plan together.

How would you go about figuring out competitive spending?

Oh well there’s a lot of different tools. Of course, there’s research and talking with reps. Just understanding the different resources that you can reach out to as well as all the different research tools that are out there to look up competitive spending within whatever industry you want to look into.

How do you go about designing and creating an effective media planning checklist?

Well I would absolutely say I think that sometimes it gets overlooked that in ad agency, media is not creative but absolutely is creative to some degree. You definitely use research and you need to understand all the different media that’s out there, what makes them effective. You need to be able to research target audiences, understand where they are. You’ve got to use the research and the analytics that you collect on your media buys. But yeah you’re using the creative part of your brain. And so for my checklist, I again start with like we need to have the strategy. Identify what are the strategy, what’s the goal of the particular campaign, and let’s talk about the target audience. Let me do some research on the target audience. What media are they consuming? When are they consuming it? And from there, it’s talking with reps, it’s those relationships that you’ve made with reps, and getting their lay of the land. It’s also really important to understand what markets you’re going to be in because that also can affect what your media plan will look like.

What is your opinion on companies cutting their ad budgets? How do you think that affects them? And do you think it’s going to actually hurt them in the future when this pandemic is over?

Yes. I mean, I do think it’s going to hurt some companies. I mean granted, we’re in unprecedented times right now and hard decisions have to be made. But I think that now more than ever there are so many different ways to get in front of your audience, some a lot less expensive. And I think that for those companies that are able to at least keep some consistent ad spend and targeted advertising during this time in front of folks, I think they are going to weather the storm and come out of it in a much better spot.


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