“5 Minutes With” Christine Gritmon from Christine Gritmon Inc

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our host Mike White talks to experts in the marketing industry. Today, he spoke with Christine Gritmon from Christine Gritmon Inc. She teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs how to do their own social media efficiently and effectively.

Company: Christine Gritmon Inc.
Website Address: https://www.gritmon.com
Interviewee: Christine Gritmon

What is Christine Gritmon Inc?

I’m not your typical social media strategist. I actually work with small business owners to teach them how to do their own social media in a way that fits within their existing flow of business. 

What is the best general social media platform to use, say you are a physicians group, what is your suggestion for that kind of a marketing plan?

Facebook is sort of where everyone is. That’s where the broadest demographic is. I actually am working with a doctor right now and they’re trying to get a little bit more into Instagram. That is also drawing more people and it’s a better place to connect. Facebook is getting to be a tricky place to get your message out.

What advice would you give business’ trying to get their message out?

One of my top things that I tell everyone is video! If they’re at all comfortable with doing video, just do it. It doesn’t have to be a talking head video. You don’t have to put your face on camera. There’s a lot of other ways to use video, but at this point anyone who’s not using video really is going to get left behind.

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