“5 Minutes With” Dan Fisher from Close More Properties

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our host Mike White speaks to experts in the marketing community. Today he sits down with Dan Fisher from Close More Properties, a real estate marketing agency designed to help you generate more high-quality leads using high-powered, data-driven and custom-strategy digital marketing. To learn more check out https://closemoreproperties.com.

Company: Close More Properties

Website Address: Closemoreproperties.com

Interviewee: Dan Fisher

What is Close More Properties?

Close Your Properties is a marketing agency built solely for realtors. I just decided, hey let’s start looking into realty! It started working out and we had a formula, we started building everything that was automated and we started doing a lot of leads for people.

How big of a role do you think Facebook will have on advertising compared to traditional media moving forward?

I used to sell newspaper advertisements and just to see the transition from where the money is going from broadcast, print, and radio is amazing. Now everything is going towards the 2.5 billion users on Facebook. I can’t even imagine the amount of money that’s coming in from everyone running ads on Facebook I think that’s where it’s going to need to be because that’s where everyone’s hanging out.

Why should companies hire an outside vendor person to handle their digital media?

So having Facebook so accessible makes it seem like anyone can do it. For instance when someone is hesitant about allowing us to manage their social media we start asking some questions on where their price point is, how much follow up are they getting per per lead, what’s their conversion rate, etc. Then you could say, hiring us is cheaper than hiring someone already on board!

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