“5 Minutes With” Dan Santa Lucia

Dan Santa Lucia
Media Buyer/Account Supervisor at Dan Santa Lucia
Website Address: www.linkedin.com/in/dansantalucia

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our host Susan St.Denis talks to experts in the marketing industry. Today she sits down with Dan Santa Lucia.

What does an effective media plan need to include?

Yeah, so an effective media plan needs to include a few things. Obviously, you know, the actual media schedule. The base things that I like to also include in media plans are the basic metrics like reach frequency, how many groups are you going to get, how many rating points the audience that you are going to reach, and how it’s tying into the client’s overall goals and objectives, and how are we going to effectively reach those goals and objectives and achieve those goals and objectives, and how this schedule will reach their desired audience.

Within that process, how would you figure out competitive spending?

So there’s a few different tools that you can use to figure out competitive spending. One, I would reach out to some of the reps if they have the ability to pull Kantar Media spend. This gives you kind of like a baseline of what competitors in a given market are spending and where they’re spending. Are they on TV? Are they on radio? Are they in print? Digital, so on and so forth. It gives you a baseline. It’s not accurate. It doesn’t take into effect the added value that a particular client is going to be receiving but it does give you a baseline to kind of show your clients like, “OK, your competitors are in these types of medias. This is what they’re spending in these fields.” You don’t want to underspend or you don’t want to overspend in those fields depending on what your goals or objectives are. You don’t want to get lost in the shuffle. And it also kind of helps being like, is there a lot of noise going on because everybody in that field’s doing radio. Maybe you want to pivot to something else so that way you’re one of the few that are doing different media from there.

What is your insight on making an effective media planning checklist?

Yes. So some of the checklist that I do before putting a media plan together is that I pull the research, I’ll pull Scarborough research, seeing what that client’s goals and objectives, and who their target audience is so I know what media and what media mix makes the most sense for their plan to achieve their goals and objectives. I also ask reps for Kantar Media spend so I can see what their client’s competitive are on and what they are doing as well. And then availing the reps and finding out what makes the most sense putting together the media plan and the schedule based off of my goals whether it’s a GRP goal, impression goal, reach or frequency goal, or the goals for the client, and how I’m going to effectively achieve those goals for the clients and then put together the whole plan for presenting to the client.

What is your opinion on companies cutting ad budgets during the pandemic that we’re dealing with right now?

Yeah, that’s a great question. With the pandemic, there’s a lot of other circumstances that clients and businesses have to take into consideration like their own employees and their business and how are they going to stay afloat. And it’s also a great time to be sensitive to the pandemic, to their audience and their prospective customers from that. So having that messaging that can be broadcast out to their prospective customers, knowing that they’re still there for them, this is a great opportunity for that. Cutting ad budget, you can cut ad budget, but do not come off completely because you’re going to lose that share. Now is actually a great time to buy media because you can leverage that against the media reps with the fact that they don’t want to lose the business. So you can be like, “We’ll stay on but we need a little bit more added value for that.” You want to stay on and continue to stay present because this pandemic — hopefully sooner rather than later will go away — and you want to still be there top of mind for your prospective customers because your competition is out there as well. And you want to keep being out there and they’re building that top of mind awareness so when they are ready to make that purchase, they’re already building up their sales funnel. And if you’ve cut out completely, you have to start from scratch and you’re already behind the eight ball.


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