“5 Minutes With” Eric Savage from Nobody Loves Jet Lag

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our hosts talk to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Mike White spoke with Eric Savage from Nobody Loves Jet Lag, a full-service, digital media company focused on beginning with the end in mind. Nobody Loves Jet Lag works backward from what clients want to see happen with their campaign — sales, brand awareness, trial, relevance, etc. rather than pushing what we want to happen onto the client.

Company: Nobody Loves Jet Lag

Website Address: nobodylovesjetlag.com

Interviewee: Eric Savage

What is Nobody Loves Jet Lag?

I started this agency knowing that we needed a unique name that no one else has in the country and on this idea surrounding my own experiences of working at the agency and how difficult it was. We want to get you excited about your projects and be with you from start to finish.

What do you think is an important marketing KPI for your clients to measure?

You know KPI is something that changes from brand to brand and I think one of the challenges when we talk about the world of social media content marketing that I think a lot of people struggle with KPI. A lot of marketing things and media buys are built around “how many impressions I expect?” I really think an important KPI is making sure you are building your brand. We live in this crowded space. I think that the marketing advertising space has changed in a lot of ways through digital media because we’re no longer just competing with brands and companies in our categories. We’re now competing for the same consumer in a lot of different marketing ecosystems. It’s really a challenge for marketers today to create content that people care about.

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