“5 Minutes With” Erica Johnson from E-Partners Marketing Inc.

Each week on 5 Minutes With, our host David Sillick talks to experts in marketing.Today, David talks to Erica Johnson from E-Partners Marketing Inc. Erica Johnson is the founder and creative director. She created E-Partners Marketing Inc. for business owners who are ready to stand out in their industry. Erica wants you to love your business without the overwhelm of marketing, design, and public relations. She also teaches new entrepreneurs marketing and design. To learn more, visit http://www.epartnersmarketing.com.


Tell us a little bit about your company, E-Partners Marketing.

We help busy business owners with marketing design and public relations to build the business they love.

What makes you unique compared to the rest of the advertising marketing PR landscape.

We really dive deep with our clients to know what their goals are and then we create custom strategies for them to meet those goals.

Give us an example of one of your most recent success stories.

Well I have a client based at Chicago but her brand is known nationally, it’s a hair care line. And her success story is that now she’s in Whole Foods. When she goes to different Mommy and Me events or conferences she sells out of all her products. So that’s a success story using our services.

So how did you get started with her and how did you take her to market.

So she was actually a referral from another client I had in Atlanta. She was one of her friends and then she told her about my company and the relationship grew over time. It went from me doing a few flyers for her to then doing her social media management and consulting with her. And that really built her confidence to where she started going after more conferences.

So your team works collaboratively together as independent consultants and you put together packages. How do people engage with you?

Well usually you know they contact us initially in a panic. They have some big event coming up or some big campaign they need to do for a new product and then we work with them and then if things work out with that then we have ongoing social media management Web site maintenance.

So do you work best on a project by project basis or a retainer relationship.

It’s better on retainer but there is sometimes where it’s just per project just depends on the client’s needs. But I would prefer a retainer, that way we can really implement because they try to implement it themselves and they end up running back to us anyways.

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