“5 Minutes With” Hilarie Viener from Viener & Partners

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our hosts talk with experts in the media industry. Today, Mike White sat down with Hilarie Viener from Viener & Partners. From multi-national to Main Street, Viener & Partners has worked with over 100 brands from very big, global companies to start-ups. They understand the challenges facing niche, emerging and heritage brands. Together, it will be their mutual goal, to take your brand to the next level. At their core, they are marketers who work with their clients to identify the gaps and create pathways to success.

Company: Viener & Partners

Website: www.vienerandpartners.com

Interviewee: Hilarie Viener

What do you guys do for your core competencies for your ad agency?

Viener & Partners is a full-service global brand name marketing agency. We have two divisions, one works specifically with non-profits and the other works with global brands that are looking to expand or launch into the U.S. market.

What’s the biggest change you see going on in marketing right now?

I have been in the industry since 1992. I see the biggest change in a curve back to the core strategy. I think a lot of times in the last five to ten years there’s been so much of a push for media proliferation. For example, brands look at media buying and media options as a strategy but they’re not really a strategy, they are executions. So I think the biggest change now is looking at a brand holistically and looking at it from the point of view of where does it sit within the global marketplace.

What are two tools that you use to make sure that you are most efficiently getting the marketing project done?

From a digital standpoint, we actually map things across all social media channels along with any Web sites that the clients are using. So we make sure that we have a unified strategy no matter where a consumer or donor is looking at.

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