“5 Minutes With” Jacob Marfoglia from Lion’s Paw Marketing

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our hosts speak with experts in the media industry. Today, Mike White sat down with Jacob Marfoglia from Lion’s Paw Marketing, a firm that helps businesses advance their message, generate leads, and sell products with paid social media traffic.

Company: Lion’s Paw Marketing

Website Address: www.lionspawmarketing.com

Interviewee: Jacob Marfoglia

What is Lion’s Paw Marketing?

We’re a digital marketing agency specializing in paid social advertising and PPC. I got my start in advertising in 2012, I launched some e-commerce businesses on Amazon and Shopify and I loved the process of marketing for them. We exited those businesses, sold them, and we launched our agency full time a few years ago. Since then I’ve had the privilege to work with a number of businesses around the country.

What’s the biggest challenge that you had starting your firm.

I think the biggest challenge was not just relying on referrals, but building an automated lead generation system for the agency. I see a lot of agencies go into that trap, where they never work on themselves. That was a hurdle we had to overcome. Since then we have really built out a good pipeline when it comes to someone doing a media buy for a client.

What are some of the tactics that you take in helping someone put the most effective media buy together?

The first thing that we do is find out everything we can about their market and really get inside the heads of their prospects and ask psychographic questions as well as demographic. From there, we start to talk about the actual media buying process. We segment all the different aspects of the customer base and try to hit everyone.

Are there any tools in your tool chest that you rely on to make sure that you’re giving them the best KPI or reporting necessary?

With digital it’s a lot easier to get reporting information compared to traditional, especially as it concerns effective campaigns. So the KPI and benchmarks that we’re always looking at are gonna be the revenue associated with that campaign. As far as reporting, we do have a custom dashboard we’re actually working on, which is, in my opinion, better than anything else on the market today. That should be out by the end of the month for our clients.

What do you feel that your agency is the best at?

So coaches, consultants, and software as a service are three areas where we’re able to provide the highest quality of results. We took a software company from spending about a thousand a month on Facebook to over 100,000. We generated 10 million in top-line revenue through our advertising. Software as a service is something that we’re really passionate about.

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