“5 Minutes With” Jess Bousa from Exponential Media

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our hosts talk to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Chase Gunnell sat down with Jess Bousa from Exponential Media, a full-service online digital marketing agency built to exponentially grow your online engagement. To learn more, visit https://myexpomedia.com.

Company: Exponential Media
Website Address: www.myexpomedia.com
Interviewee’s Name: Jess Bousa


What is Exponential Media?


We provide multiple services from SEO services to social media marketing. We don’t do place holder social media, we literally help a client capitalize on the amazing opportunity to be on social media by doing things that help them get the most organic reach as well as run ads and boost posts. We have a really strong video strategy where we take the client’s products preferences purpose and then and we create a value driven video strategy. We do a lot with social media marketing.


I’m interested to know when you have a client that is maybe hesitant to push into the social media world. Maybe they want to be more traditional. What do you say to them to convince them that it is essential for them to be in that realm?


You know that’s a great question. We have people that are that are older that that are using our strategy in their 50s and 60s. The most people are on social media. If you’re going to be on it, do it the right way. We help them with a step by step process. We do a lot of consulting with them. We show them how well we create a strategy together and our strategy like I said is heavy on videos. So there’s a lot you can do with an iPhone and Android smartphone. We teach them how to use their phone to gather content.


What are some other specialties and tools that you have that maybe set you apart from other marketing agencies?


The submission site is really helpful. That really helps them to act, to get their consent to us fast so we can start branding fast as well and then get it on social media. I think it’s also our strategy. The time we spend with our client to make them feel comfortable, they understand the value of social media. They understand what it takes to engage an audience. They understand that it’s not about selling. It’s about branding and offering value and that’s the best way to sell.


How do you see your company growing over the next five years.


The social media department and the SEO department with the Google my business are two areas that we’ve been signing our clients really rapidly. We’ve doubled our business this year. So things have gone really well for us. We’re playing to our strengths when it comes to social media and SEO and so we’re just gonna continue to scale our business. We know the more clients, the more systems come in place to help us get more clients, as you probably realize. So you know we want to double triple or least double our business every year and hire new staff. We’re moving our Office of January 1 to a better space because we’re growing.

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