“5 Minutes With” Jessica Rhodes from Interview Connections

This week on “5 Minutes With,” our host Chase Gunnell sits down with Jessica Rhodes from Interview Connections. Interview Connections is the first and only podcast booking agency with over 6 years of experience. They offer services for both entrepreneurs looking to get booked as a guest on other shows, and podcast hosts who need guests.

Company: Interview Connections

Website Address: www.interviewconnections.com

Interviewee: Jessica Rhodes

I know interview Connections is a little different from other companies and maybe a little more interesting than other companies as well. Can you tell me a little bit about that.

Yeah, I’d like to think we’re more interesting. We’re a podcast booking agency so we get online entrepreneurs and business owners booked as a guest expert on podcasts in their target market. I’m the founder and now equal co-owner owner. So I head up sales and marketing, do consults with our clients and with entrepreneurs that want help with their podcast guesting strategy.

What was the event that gave you the idea to start a company like this.

I was a virtual assistant and I was working with a couple business coaches on their marketing and client support work. Booking them for interviews on podcasts was something that was leading to a lot of new business for them. I saw that nobody else was offering a service to connect entrepreneurs together for interviews and with the rise in popularity of podcasting and more and more people wanting to start podcasts. I saw an opportunity to create a service to fill this need and it is growing exponentially. There are several podcasts booking agencies, there are people starting coaching businesses to help people with their podcasts interview strategy.

Now when you are booking someone with a podcast or booking your podcast with an entrepreneur how hands-on are you.

So our booking agents are primarily the connectors. we do the research to find the right shows, we pitch the clients and get them connected. Once we hand them over to the host they take it from there. We’re a little bit more hands on for our clients who do consulting with us, where I’ll actually listen to their interviews and provide feedback to them.

Now as podcasting grows and as this industry that you have almost seems like created grows where do you see it going over the next five years.

Honestly, we are still in its infancy. It continues to grow. Podcast consumption has been increasing every single year since 2013 and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. I’ve just seen more and more businesses join this strategy.

What tools do you use to not only gain clients but also connect them to podcasts and the right podcast for them.

Well to answer your question about gaining clients, word of mouth has been huge for us. I also leverage our own strategy and I get interviewed on podcasts which bring in a lot of new leads and increases our search engine optimization because a lot of our clients actually find us on Google and see that I’ve been interviewed on a lot of podcasts.

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