“5 Minutes With” Kristina Coughlin from Get Hyped Media

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our hosts speak with experts in the media industry. Today, Mike White sat down with Kristina Coughlin of Get Hyped Media. GHM is an influencer marketing agency that connects clean and natural CPG brands with their target market. They spend 100-percent of their time developing and implementing strategies that help these brands reach and engage consumers who want clean and natural products to help them live their best lives.

Company: Get Hyped

Website Address: gethypedmedia.com

Interviewee: Kristina Coughlin

Why is Get Hyped Media the best media company out there?

What we do all day, every day is that we develop and implement marketing strategies that help brands reach and engage with their consumers. I was a content creator on Instagram and I was working with agencies all the time to help create content and do promotions. I realized pretty quickly that there was a huge need for a lot of businesses to have the resources in-house to be able to run influencer marketing campaigns effectively. We’ve also been able to create a large network of influencers that are just incredible, top-performing influencers, that we love to work with and they love to work with us.

Why should a business hire an outside marketing firm to handle its media marketing or campaign?

First of all, there’s really no ramp-up period or training which really can save some valuable time and resources in-house. Secondly, you have a dedicated team of specialists who are experts within the industry that do that all day every day. This also results in a lot of knowledge, industry experience and just the diversity of thought that you’re bringing into your respective organization which can be extremely valuable.

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