“5 Minutes With” Laura Patterson with VisionEdge Marketing

Each week on 5 Minutes With, our host Chase Gunnell talks to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Chase talks to Laura Patterson from VisionEdge Marketing. From consulting to coaching, from working sessions to workbooks, from hands-on collaboration to online DIY tools, VisionEdge Marketing has services that can help you, no matter your budget. To learn more, visit https://visionedgemarketing.com.

Interviewee Name: Laura Patterson
Company Name: VisionEdge Marketing
Company Website: https://visionedgemarketing.com

Tell me a little bit about VisionEdge.

We’re a 20 year old data analytics measurement and process company. Remember in 1999 when we talked about data analytics process a measurement was kind of deer in the headlights but that’s roots of our company. we help our customers, predominantly B2B companies, use data analytics process and measurement to acquire more customers, create more customer values, identify growth opportunities and improve business performance.

Where do you see vision edge going in the next five years. 

I am really excited about the work we do. We have a really strong marketing accountability and marketing alignment practice. So dashboards planning metrics are a key part of our work. I think that comes down to having better plans and better accountability so that I think we’ll continue to have that be our focus as a company, helping our customers do that better.

What is your biggest tool to help your customers specifically.

We have a patent around a methodology that is tied to planning and dashboards. So we have a great tool. More importantly a great process because tools are wonderful. And as marketers we’ve all chase shiny toys but we need to remember that the most important thing is have really good processes because tools without processes are not as effective as having a really good process. Even if you don’t have a good tool if you have a really good process you can oftentimes overcome the lack of tools. So excellent were processes a patent and it helps our customers get focused around how to make sure that the marketing organization is teed up to what’s important to the business and how what how a measure of success for the business relates to how you make marketing more accountable and so that is a part of our secret sauce so to speak.

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