“5 Minutes With” Lee Goff from Marketing Agency Coach

Each week on 5 Minutes With, our host Mike White talks to experts in marketing. Today, Mike talks to Lee Goff from Marketing Agency Coach.

Company: Marketing Agency Coach.com

Website Address: www.marketingagencycoach.com

Interviewee’s First Name: Lee

Interviewee’s Last Name: Goff

Title: CEO Email: lee@leegoff.com

Short company description:

Marketing Agency Coach.com We Make Agency Owners Lives Easier by providing turn key tools, templates and coaching programs.

 What is Marketing Agency Coach?

I’ve built a large agency and I exited that agency successful successfully in June of 2016. Since then I went on and developed my higher purpose and that is to make agency owner’s lives easier. So what we do is we have a wide range of products, starting with the book then going into the on demand coaching programs and of course one on one and mastermind programs. So what I do is, I come in and I help aspiring freelancers or small agencies looking to break through the seven figure mark.

What were biggest challenges that you had trying to grow your own firm that you now help other agencies overcome?

I did not niche out soon enough. I think it was five or six years into my agency that I finally picked a clear direction in my messaging and we picked the platform to niche out in. That’s the biggest mistake. The second biggest mistake was not having value based products. A lot of people in the agency space think that that’s not possible because it’s professional services. And I am here to let you know that’s actually not the case.

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