“5 Minutes With” Marc Brookland from SEO Locale

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our hosts talk to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Chase Gunnell sat down with Marc Brookland from SEO Locale, a marketing company that offers specialized local & national search engine optimization, web design, and much more. To learn more, visit seolocale.com.

Company: SEO Locale
Website Address: https://seolocale.com/
Interviewee’s Name: Marc Brookland

What makes your company special.


We’re a full service digital marketing agency. Our bread and butter is local seo and web design and development. We also offer paid search management, content creation, videographer, photography, Social Media Management, and email marketing. So really the full gamut of digital marketing.



What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in the digital marketing realm over the last say five years.


I think the biggest one is obviously mobile and voice search. More people have been using mobile using Siri, so things have become very conversational especially with a lot of the algorithm updates that Google has been going through. Most notably just recently how they started implementing what they call Burt and really understanding what specifically people are searching for and providing them the best experience possible.

So along with that do you see that being the biggest impact of the next five years as well or do you think something else will come along to change the industry


People are going to need to be more natural in the way that they are speaking and the content on the Web site. But there are also a lot of other different marketing platforms that I think are really going to make a big impact in 2020. If you’re familiar with Google Local services, it’s similar to Google. It is a separate platform from AdWords but they have their own review system. It’s a cost per acquisition platform, which makes it very different than the cost per click model on Adwords and Google is actually willing to refund consumers who have a bad experience or don’t get the service that they were expecting. Similarly, they have a a refund policy for the advertiser who doesn’t get quality leads.


What are some of the biggest tools or specialties that your company has that help you provide the best service for your clients.


We use SDM, Rush most notably Google analytics, we’re extremely data driven. We provide the reports for our clients so we’re sure that our clients understand the data. We also provide them a client dashboard where they can access all of their keyword rankings. It’s also linked to the traffic that they’re getting to the Web site, their social media pages, so they get a nice high level overview of all the success that they’ve had in their campaign.


Why in your opinion is it so important for companies to hire an outside ad agency as opposed to just trying to handle all of their advertising themselves.


There’s a couple things, I think number one it’s extremely cost effective to hire ad agency versus bringing someone in. you know not only is this person going to require a nice big salary, but you’re also going to have different benefits that you have to pay for, plus training, things like that. So not only is it cost saving, but also someone who might be in charge of an entire marketing department isn’t going to be as hyper focused on one specific piece of your marketing strategy. So for us we specifically are focused on the digital marketing of your campaign. We’re focusing on your organic growth across all the different keywords that we want to get you found for online. I think that the time that someone like us is able to dedicate to your campaign and make sure that it’s successful is going to be a lot more than someone who has to devote a little bit of time across a lot of different projects.

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