“5 Minutes With” Maria Traino from Inspired Studio

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our hosts talk to experts in the media industry. Today, Mike White sat down with Maria Traino from Inspired Studio, a boutique marketing and brand design studio with entrepreneurs and marketing directors. The company provides specialized and high-end services to increase your organization’s brand strength through strategic design and marketing. To learn more, visit www.inspiredstudio.biz.


Company: Inspired Studio
Website Address: inspiredstudio.biz
Interviewee’s Maria Traino


So I’m going to set it up with that game-changing. Let’s talk about something fun exciting and what are you doing that is game-changing?

That is an excellent first question. I would say what we do that is game-changing is we deeply connect with our clients. We connect with them to make sure that we are connecting them with their ideal audience. We specialize in branded graphic design so nothing we do with surface level. Our designs go as deep to the core for our clients as we can get them.


So what got you started in media marketing and where do you hope to go in the next two years?

I went to school for graphic design and advertising design and I minored in marketing. Shortly after graduation, I found myself really unhappy in the corporate world as a creative I really struggled to stay within a box. So they say I had a hard time using the same font from the same colors and working with the same audience every day. And I realized quickly that I was meant to be an entrepreneur. So I took a leap of faith and I quit my job and I decided to focus on my strengths, which were branding and brand design. So I have built my business over the last eight years specializing on-brand design for visionary entrepreneurs and marketing directors.


What do you see as the characteristics that come out of the working generation right now that are positive and what are some of the negative perceptions or characteristics you see in employees?

That’s an interesting question. I’ve only ever had to hire one full-time employee but from what I can say our business is in the creative space. So if I’m looking to bring someone onto a team they have to have a few key characteristics and I would say they have to be able to connect with clients. I say that we could be the best at what we do. But if we don’t build a strong relationship with our clients there is no amount of work that would satisfy them.

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