“5 Minutes With” Matt Maher from M7 Innovations

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our host Mike White talks to experts in the marketing industry. Today, he sits down with Matt Maher from M7 Innovations, a technology-focused consultancy specializing in artificial intelligence, immersive realities, voice, and content.

Company: M7 Innovations
Website Address: www.m7innovations.co
Interviewee: Matt Maher

What is M7 Innovations?.

We are a creative innovation and technology consultancy that helps brands navigate the ever-evolving tech and media landscapes. We specialize in immersive reality and all things connected to cloud-based technology.

What is the biggest change you expect to see in 12 months?

It’s a really tough one. I want to stick with augmented reality and e-commerce. It is just such an unbelievable trend with what’s happening. We’re seeing Apple start to put Apple Pay into their quick look viewer. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook are all bringing art to their platforms. We see Google starting to introduce 3D models. These things are all going to change the entire consumer journey.

What advice would you give someone wanting to start a similar company to your own?

There’s an inherent fear of being your own boss and doing your own thing. I would say lead with passion. If you truly believe in where you think technology is going to go, where you think a business is going to go I’d say go all-in on it. I think when you go into a client meeting and you’re backed by data and passionate about what you’re talking about, that’s the best-case scenario. You don’t want to start anything without truly believing in it.

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