“5 Minutes With” Maya Raj Andreadis

Maya Raj Andreadis
CEO at Andreadis Advertising

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our host Susan St.Denis talks to experts in the marketing industry. Today she sits down with Maya Raj Andreadis.

What does a media plan need to include?

So a media plan needs to be a collaboration between the advertiser and the agency of really figuring out how to reach the market, what those measurable results will be, what the return on investment should look like, and it can include all forms of media from digital to television to radio or even PR sometimes.

How would you go about figuring out competitive spending?

So competitive spending, usually you can look towards the stations for actually certain reports that will tell you what their competitors spend in a particular year, particular category, particular station. So you can use those reports to really generate what the market is looking like.

How do you go about making sure that you have an effective media planning checklist?

So this can be done in a variety of ways and one is just by knowing what the percentage of your audience is in the market. So if you’re trying to reach adults 25-54 and you know that they’re 50 percent of the Cincinnati market, usually you try to get a good reach and frequency within that within your media. So whether it’s using television, complementing it with magazines and outdoor, you try to put them all together to saturate as much of the market as you can for getting a higher frequency.

What I’m curious about is your thoughts on companies now cutting ad budgets because of the pandemic and then the recession that’s kind of come along with it? What is your opinion on that, and how do you feel that companies, especially small companies, should handle media buying and planning that whole process during this time period?

Well I think most companies need to stay out there. The minute they stop advertising is the minute they’ll be forgotten. So it’s better for a company to stay out there and have some sort of brand awareness, some sort of presence during a pandemic. We know that TV viewing is at an all time high right now. So it’s a really good time to be present. And as for smaller companies, just even some flighted schedules every month just to let people know that they have not gone out of business, that they’re still open for service, and that the doors need to remain open and people need to come in. So the minute you’re not present is the minute that you’ll start losing people completely.

When it comes to post buy, and this is something that I actually do want to understand better myself, what does it mean to do a post buy? What is that process?

A post buy usually entails looking at the campaign itself and getting measurable results. So you need to look at each particular spot that ran, and the stations will give you invoices, see what time period it ran, see what audience was available, and measure the effectiveness and the frequency of that schedule. So once you have all those details in place, you can say for sure that you reached a certain amount of audience in a certain time period and it was up to your expectations of what you negotiated the buy to begin with. So if you said I need to reach 50 percent of adults 25-54, post comes in you can see what time your spot ran and you can see that 50 percent of adults 25-54 were watching a particular TV show at that time and that’s how you can track to see if your post buy lives up to your initial standards.


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