“5 Minutes With” Peter Kozodoy from Stradeso

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our hosts talk to experts in the media industry. Today, Mike White sat down with Peter Kozodoy from Stradeso, a subscription service that produces your content – in 3 days or less, for unbeatable low prices – by connecting your projects directly to talented creatives, without the hassle of finding, hiring and managing them. To learn more, visit www.stradeso.com.


Company: Stradeso
Website Address: www.stradeso.com
Interviewee’s Name: Peter Kozodoy

Tell us a little bit about your firm and the services you provide.

So we started my marketing agency in 2008, which is you know a fantastic time to start a business when the whole financial world is crashing around you. And we ended up growing that over 10 years to being an enclosed thousand agency with offices in multiple cities and countries. Over the past couple of years we kind of looked at the way the market was trending and thought to ourselves, we think we might be building the wrong business. And so that’s when we transitioned from Jammer agency, which we still own. We still have clients you know small and up to the Fortune 500 primarily in healthcare and energy. And now what we’re really excited about Mike is this new tech company we’ve started called Stradeso.


So tell me about what your tech company does.

What we really had to come to terms with over the years of listening to clients is many of them came in asking for quality and it really turned out that what they wanted was more marketing content, faster and more affordable. And then, oh let’s make sure it’s like a decent quality too. But it really was about the quantity and affordability in a world where everyone needs to be putting out more and more content. In the meantime, there are all these agencies and freelancers out there with tons of talent who are in the client getting game, which is really not their thing. They’d rather be copywriting designing and the rest of it. So we thought about how do we solve this marketplace imbalance and put these two things together, how do we take brands that need more and more content faster and more affordably and all these people with extra time and put them together?


I consult with agencies and a lot of what I share with them as people are starting as you are as good as your worst vendor. You can have the greatest relationship with the client but when they want something then you’re now full service. If you don’t provide that on time, on a budget you’ll lose the entire account and could be the smallest project that loses the account.

It’s better than that because we can also become a revenue source for ad agencies, I ran an ad agency for ten years, I still do. We don’t have all of our creative working an eight-hour day. Some of them are going to have extra time. We can have them sit around or work on fun projects. But why not put them on Stradeso and say, hey if a project comes along the street also drops into your inbox, take it because we’re paying them a flat fee. But now we’re also making revenue in those in-between spaces where we didn’t have an opportunity.


So what do you think the biggest change in marketing in the next three years is gonna be?

I think once we get to this stage we’re going to go even further into computers making content. At that point, we know we’re gonna have to decide to what extent we’re going to allow our Siri or Alexa to go talk to the content automation machines to try to figure out. You know where’s the perfect fit for whatever we’re looking for online right and in the B2B space, it’s going to be hugely important.

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