“5 Minutes With” Ricky Romero from Inspirio Enterprises Inc.

Each week on “5 Minutes With” our hosts talk with experts in the media industry. This week, Chase sat down with Ricky Romero of Inspirio Enterprises Inc. Inspirio is a full-service admissions and marketing firm in New York.

Company: Inspirio Enterprises Inc.

Website Address: inspirio.ai

Title: Founder & CEO

What the is goal of Inspirio?

Well, I founded Inspirio about a year ago, and before starting Inspirio, I was actually working in admissions and marketing for higher education for over 14 years. And one thing that I noticed was that a lot of the marketing partners that we had or the admissions consultants that we brought in. None of them really brought both the admissions and the marketing together which when you do that there’s a huge synergy in the effectiveness and the productivity you can get out of your efforts. So when I left that position I decided to start my own marketing agency and I wanted to bring that synergy together to all of the clients that we’re serving now across the nation. So the reason why I started Inspirio or the name of Inspirio is because a lot of what we do in higher education is we INSPIRE prospects to start school and change their life through education. So that’s where I got the name Inspirio.

When it comes to marketing for higher education what would you say the biggest challenges in that field, specifically?

The biggest challenges are that there is a lot of competition. There is, not only, it like if you have an on ground campus like a brick and mortar, your competition is the Internet schools and also within your regional market you have a lot of competition coming in. And besides that, some people aren’t finding education as the answer to their career. They may just try to go through life taking a job a lower-paying job just to get by but they don’t realize that education is the answer to higher wages and higher income potential and stuff like that. So the biggest challenge is to communicate that to the prospects or to the target audience out there. Another challenge is finding the target audience. Now that TV, radio, print ads, they don’t work as effectively as they used to. As a matter of fact, I don’t even introduce them into my marketing plans anymore because people are so transient on their mobile phones, that you know it’s just way better to target them on their mobile phones through social media, Google PPC, Bing and all of those Internet and digital marketing tactics.

What would you say of the tactics that you just named or maybe some other tactics would be your biggest tool when it comes to marketing for higher education?

Yeah. The biggest tool for marketing in the digital age for higher education and for a lot of clients outside of higher education is your Website. Your website is a huge tool because once you draw people into it you can actually communicate with them through automated nurture and live chat and web forums that you can put on there. Free downloads and all types of assessment tools that you can use to get people to engage with your brand and to draw them into your Website is the art form. Now you’re using social media, Google and you have to have copy that is going to grab their attention in this extremely loud market of ads yelling at you and you have to draw them in through not just grabbing their attention but you have to tell them a story through that. And once you get that story across to them that kind of draws them in emotionally then you can actually make your offer to visit your Website or to fill out a lead form or download something. And I’m finding a lot in the higher education market having some sort of human touch to your approach is very effective. So videos speak a lot. Photos speak a lot. Real things happening on the school campuses or like let’s say a restaurant. Real things happening on your premises draw in a lot more people. And I’m finding that real you know human touch is definitely helping but also on your website if you have a live chat you can speak with them right there. A lot of people are passive and they don’t want to you know fill out a lead form or they don’t want to call the business because they know they’re going to get a sales pitch. Well if you have a live chat they can fill you in other questions and then like there you just have your cell script written in a text form and you engage with them that way.

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