“5 Minutes With” Robert Perry from Welling Media

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our host Mike White talks to experts in the marketing industry. Today, he spoke with Robert Perry from Welling Media, a digital marketing agency that helps scale 7-8 figure brands through content creation, community management, and media buying.

Company: Welling Media
Website Address: Wellingmedia.com
Interviewee: Robert Perry

What is Welling Media?

I went to school for law enforcement and unfortunately, I got an injury that forced me to resign. That kept me from returning so I got into marketing. I started working at Welling part-time and then Welling Media really took off, we now have 17 employees and some interns. We are growing like crazy. I oversee all of our digital marketing efforts. We’re a digital marketing agency that has made our kind of footprint and the content creation space just because we have I feel that we have a unique understanding of what resonates with people on Facebook and how to capture attention within those creatives.

Tell me more about community management and what that means for the customers.

The best I have ever heard of described is it’s a brand. Branding is so important in today’s world and for part of that brand have to be able to speak to your audience and listen to your audience, especially those that have already engaged and chose to follow you and make you a part of their life and their timeline. We have a very unique strategy when it comes to that, we like to post two to three times a day just to push the algorithm a little bit. We found that the more you post, the more reach that you have. It takes a little bit of time and community management, but once people start to see that you’re actively engaged within the community as a brand, they start to trust you a little more.

What’s the biggest change that you see coming with digital media in the next 12 to 16 months?

I see virtual reality becoming bigger. Think about the possibilities. Let’s say you’re watching football and you can sit front row in the virtual reality and watch a football game. Imagine all the advertising you could have funning around in that virtual stadium tailored to that specific customer.

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