“5 Minutes With” Sacha Connor from Virtual Work Insider

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our hosts talk to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Chase Gunnell sat down with Sacha Connor from Virtual Work Insider, a consultancy firm that coaches organizations to work seamlessly across any distance – with a specialty in training geographically distributed teams within companies and agencies, and Virtual Workforce Employee Resource Group creation.

To learn more, visit www.virtualworkinsider.com.


Company: Virtual Work Insider
Website Address: https://virtualworkinsider.com/
Interviewee’s Name: Sacha Connor

Tell me a little bit about Virtual Work Insider.

I’m actually a marketer by trade, so I spent 18 years working in marketing both the agency side and also the client side. I do virtual Leadership Training Series with executives teams organizations on how to lead, influence, present, and manage people all at a distance whether that’s working between different offices or working with fully remote employees or clients.

In the industry of marketing specifically, how do you see that industry changing over the next say five years?

One of the changes that I think is happening that isn’t talked about a lot has to do with the virtual dynamic that I was just talking about. For marketing agencies and for marketing organizations to win, they have to be really effective at being able to work across this distance. So again those virtual relationships are a client-agency relationship, they are internal relationships even within your agency or within your own organization. They’re also working between agencies because often clients have more than one agency that they’re working with and they’re expecting those agencies to be able to collaborate with each other. I think that the agencies and the marketing organizations that are going to win are going to be the ones that have those new modern leadership skills because those old school in-person techniques are no longer enough.

Do you ever find any pushback from your clients when you do try to implement some of those newer tools and skills?

 I find that they’re really open to it because this is something that they’re actually really struggling with. We’re finding clients are now cutting down more and more on the price they’re willing to pay the agencies, their willingness to pay for travel for agencies, for example. This is actually becoming more and more of an important skill, and one that hasn’t been taught yet. So for example how to present creative to a client or present media strategy or creative strategy to a client is much different doing it through the video conference than it is when you’re in the room with the client.

Why is it so essential for a company to hire an outside ad agency as opposed to trying to do everything in-house.

I really looked to our external partners as real business partners. The reason why it was important to have those external partners was perspective. So I leaned on them to help bring in a new perspective to me on what they were seeing that was external to my company. So, for example, those agencies are working across multiple clients in multiple different industries where they can take knowledge from one industry and help apply it to what I’m doing for example. Also, they are really good at having a pulse on what’s happening in culture more broadly because as a client sometimes you can get really insular, and you need that external lens that an external partner and agency can bring or awesome.

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