“5 Minutes With” Sally Golan from Social Exposure Media

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our hosts talk to experts in the media industry. Today, Mike White talks to Sally Golan from Social Exposure Media. Golan is a full-fledged entrepreneur and artist at heart with a huge passion for creativity, travel, culture, and lifestyle. She is also the founder and CEO of Social Exposure Media. To learn more, visit www.socialexposure.media.


Company: Social Exposure Media
Website Address: www.socialexposure.media
Interviewee’s Name: Sally Golan


What is a Digital Nomad?

Us digital nomads are those who live all over the globe. We work primarily online. Because I own a social media marketing company, I manage my team remotely. I’m managed my clients remotely. It does not matter where I am as long as the work is done. So we bounce around the globe from one home base to another pretty much perpetually.


What are some of the software that you utilize to manage social media accounts for your clients?

We use Later app, we use Hoot Suite, at one point we used a social listening tool called Sprinkler. I found that a lot of this software is helpful but I think there’s a lot of room for improvement, to be honest. I haven’t seen anything that blew my mind just yet but what I do find very very helpful are the scheduling applications because we do a lot of organic strategic planning for our clients.


What are some of the biggest challenges a business faces with social media if they’re managing their company’s accounts for themselves?

The biggest challenge I would say is consistency. I find that a lot of our clients don’t know how to create content specifically dedicated to social. First of all social as a whole is a different beast, a whole other ballgame. It’s not a traditional platform like magazines and television. So understanding that content for social media is completely different. It’s usually raw. It’s usually a lot more on the go. It requires a bit more of youthful flair. That’s the biggest issue I find that brands will have as well as being on top of it because it’s very much a 24/7 job being on social media.


Tell me about a challenge that you’ve had in growing your company by traveling all over. What’s the biggest thing that comes to mind that was a difficult obstacle to overcome.

I think the most challenging part of owning a business while traveling is the exhaustion level that comes with traveling of course and also earning the trust of our clients who are a little bit more old school. They still think that meeting in person is important. Some of our clients, however, are actually really keen and really open to working with a remote company. This is very much the norm. So that challenge is actually quickly fading thankfully but I would say that convincing our clients to trust us even though we are abroad is kind of a challenge.

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