“5 Minutes With” Scott Gillum from Carbon Design

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our hosts talk to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Chase Gunnell talked with Scott Gillum from Carbon Design. Carbon Design taps into this network of seasoned nontraditional workers. Our footprint spans the country and the globe, from Latin America to Asia. Teams are assembled based on client needs, not available staff. Clients work with a senior team of highly engaged and experienced problem solvers who have chosen to work on their projects. The benefit — fresh thinking, accelerated timelines, actionable outputs, and overall better client experience.

Company: Carbon Design

Website Address: https://carbondesign.co

Interviewee: Scott Gillum

Tell me about Carbon Design and what Carbon Design does.

Carbon Design is a marketing services firm. We specialize in business-to-business marketing. We have a very unique on-demand talent platform so that we are using people who have chosen to work in different kinds of schedules. We built teams around people who are out there, that are working from home, stay at home parents who are looking for meaningful work.

How do you see carbon design specifically changing and growing over the next say five years?

Yeah, I think we’re really excited about it. I mean one of the reasons we founded this company was that I saw a shift in the way that people wanted to work. When I was in the agency environment, I saw a lot of millennials who would work for a month and then they took a month off and explored South America and I just saw that 9:00 to 5:00 five days a week working in an office environment just didn’t fit a lot of people. People want to work differently now and we’re excited that we’re going to provide a platform that allows people to make their own hours, choose the type of work they want to work on, choose the hours choose where they want to work.

Was there a transition period for you going to a more flexible schedule?

I worked as a full-time employee and we have investors in the organization and I’m very fortunate. But we’ve been able to continue to grow. By attracting talent who are looking for an opportunity to work as teams, we’re different from sites that people might know. These are sites that are built around freelance talent in that we take people and put them on the project team so it’s very similar to making a movie. If you’re familiar with movie production, all the people working in a movie are freelance or contractors and they come together to do a project they create whatever period of time. We bring people together based on the work. And then after we complete the project we deliver whatever it is the clients have engaged us with. We then disperse and go off to the next project

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