“5 Minutes With” Shawn Hill from NiceJob Inc.

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our host Chase Gunnell talks to experts in the media industry. Today, Chase talks to Shawn Hill from NiceJob Inc. NiceJob is a suite of reputation marketing tools that are combined the easiest way for great companies to get the reputation they deserve by getting them more reviews, referrals, and sales. To learn more, visit https://get.nicejob.co

Website Address: NiceJob.co

Interviewee’s Name: Shawn Hill

Company: NiceJob Inc


How you do help this company operate on a day-to-day basis?

So my position is actually a new role it’s The Community Marketing Manager at Nice job and what my job is specifically is to help grow our community we serve a lot of home service professionals and we really want them to be able to come together, connect with one another and we really feel that you know to be successful in business you have to be able to learn. You have to be able to grow. You feel to connect with one another. So at NiceJob my particular position it’s about coming together as a community how to best serve, not just our users but then the community at large as well because we have better home service professionals, better service all around and everyone kind of benefits.


What was going on in this industry that made nice job decide to bring you in to create this role for you?

Really for NiceJob, in particular, it was about growth. The company is a little bit over 2 years old completely bootstrap funded and they were looking to expand in part of expanding is to look at different avenues beyond what you may do as a product or in our case software. And really connect with our community will allow us to make a better product because we’ll know where our community is trending, what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling. But for NiceJob in particular, we want to be more. Our founder founded a large marketing agency and realized that sometimes the big guys can just spend, spend, spend and not be putting quality work out there and get their share of the market. So nice job, we want to make sure we’re helping those smaller businesses while still being scalable for larger clients as well.

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