“5 Minutes With” Steven Pope from My Amazon Guy

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our hosts talk to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Chase Gunnell sat down with Steven Pope from My Amazon Guy, an Amazon marketing agency that’s helped more than 100 brands launch, scale, and growth hack their sales on Amazon via Seller Central and Vendor Central, and online. Get help from experts in launching brands, new products, optimizing listings, PPC advertising (sponsored product ads/headline ads), SEO, review generation strategies and more. My Amazon Guy can help you solve difficult issues that business owners often run into on Amazon, including gating, unauthorized sellers, and “Hazmat Review” errors. To learn more check out https://myamazonguy.com.

Company: My Amazon Guy

Website Address: www.myamazonguy.com

Interviewee: Steven Pope

What is My Amazon Guy?

We are an Amazon agency based in LA, we work as a one-stop-shop for anything Amazon from advertising to design and merchandising. We do sponsor ads certified by Amazon as a partner agency.

What makes My Amazon Guy unique?

So every single week Amazon’s comes out with changes and updates, we make sure to keep track of all those changes and make sure to implement them for our clients. Just last week they changed algorithms that you have to do things a certain way. Because we are not just simply an advertising agency, we’re not simply doing design, instead, we have everything together. We are able to give a lot.

What are some of the biggest changes in marketing that you have seen over the past few years?

So Amazon is a platform that continues to evolve and it can be hard to keep up with as a seller. We saw retail arbitrage at its peak three years ago, we saw private labels starting to enter their maturity phase in 2019. When all these changes are happening at once, you have to be prepared for them all at once as well.

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