“5 Minutes With” Todd Evans from Rivendell Media

Each week on “5 Minutes With” our hosts interview experts in the media world. This week, Mike White talks with Todd Evans from Rivendell Media. With 40 year of experience, Rivendell Media handles media planning and media placement best. They are the established experts in LGBT media planning and placement for print, digital, and mobile platforms.

Company: Rivendell Media

Website Address: www.rivendellmedia.com

Tell me about the services you guys offer your customers.

So we mostly market ourselves to ad agencies and our elevator pitches we make it simple easy and profitable to utilize and recommend LGBT media. We represent 95 percent of all LGBT media properties in the United States. And this year is our 40th year in business.

How did the company get started?

It’s an interesting story. The founder was Elton John’s first promoter in the United States. He flew around with Elton John on his first tour in the US and was an out-gay man at the time. He saw the viability of the LGBT market. And 1979 changed to Shingle Firm Rivendell Music Marketing to Rivendell Marketing and started repping LGBT publications.

So, what has been the biggest challenge over the last 40 years of growing with the segment that you have?

Well, I would say the biggest challenge is these last five years in that we’ve always grown. We’ve never had a down year really, but with this conversion to digital and then trying to get people in both the diversity space and then also in mainstream media to understand how LGBT media habits are very different than other minority markets media habits.

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