“5 Minutes With” Ty Edwards from 24Media

Each week on “5 Minutes With,” our hosts speak with experts in the media industry. Today, Chase Gunnell sat down with Ty Edwards of 24Media, a branding agency comprised of creatives and strategists that help small businesses develop and grow their brand.

Company: 24Media

Website Address: www.24media.us

Interviewee: Ty Edwards

What is 24Media and what services do you provide?

24Media is a branding agency. We help brands tell a better story, whether that be through visual, their logo, their website, as well as their messaging or slogans. We do everything that goes into making a brand feel and look good to their ideal audience.

What makes your company unique and sets you apart from other branding agencies like yours?

I would say our experience and where we come from. It’s been about 17 years now since we began and we started just making flyers and logos and brochures and designing things in high school. It’s always been a passion. As we got older we tried to find a better way to provide value for our customers which were small business owners and local business owners. We got more into marketing and the psychology and strategy that goes into making designs. We tackle both sides of the field, we make really good looking designs but also strategically something that’s going to make customers feel good about spending money.

What is the biggest change you’ve seen in the industry as a whole in the last five years?

Definitely the Internet and social media. There are more and more people to reach, more people spending time on it. We started with MySpace. When we first started, we were designing MySpace pages and helping businesses market on MySpace and now we have different platforms such as Tik Tok. Not many businesses are using that, but it’s a new platform.

If you had to predict, what do you think the biggest change will be over the next five years?

Good question. I think what we’re seeing, especially in the Internet space and technology, are things like AI and virtual reality. I think those are really big things. I think we’re going to see more brands have experiential marketing, where you can experience Coca-Cola or experience something just in a different kind of environment.

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