“5 Minutes With” Nicole Newville from Kose

Each week on 5 Minutes With, our host Chase Gunnell talks to experts in the marketing industry. Today, he sits down with Nicole Newville from Kose. Kose is a modern media agency that shares insights from media tools and digital marketing platforms to build deep relationships between brands and their customers. Their job is to use quantitative and qualitative data to bring clarity to the complex mix of consumer behavior, trends, values, and motivations in order to seamlessly connect brands with their customers.

Company: Kōse
Website Address: kosedigital.com
Interviewee: Nicole Newville

Tell me a little bit about Kose and how you got it started.

I’ve spent most my career focused on digital media. And six years ago I decided to step out on my own after working at several agencies across town and start to build my own agency. The reason I want to step out and do it differently is I’d always worked at integrated agencies and I always felt like you know for many sources I was competing with a development team and the creative team and all the other talent sources that are required to make a great agency run. And I just felt that if I can focus on media and really devote resources to that we could really do something special right.

So what makes Kose different from other marketing agencies and media agencies?

One thing that’s a little bit unique about us is that we truly span direct to consumer and also the B2B world and we love to get our arms around the data. When I say get our arms around the data I mean we like to look at your analytics data and of course the data from our media campaigns that are happening in the programmatic space. The other thing we spend a lot of time on is because we go deeper into those marketing automation systems, we really make sure that we connect those strategies into our campaigns.

What is the biggest change you’ve seen in your field from when you founded Kose to today.

The biggest change, and I don’t know that it’s from when I founded coast. I mean I started in digital before YouTube. I remember when the first video was posted on YouTube when the platform started. So the biggest changes and the things that I still kind of scratch my head about are around consumers reaction to privacy issues and where they’re giving away their data. I’m a little more conservative with in home audio devices and smart speakers and things that can be listening to me. I don’t think people take that seriously enough.

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