AMA Chapter Competition

AMA Chapters Compete in Fall 2021 to spend $10,000

What’s this all about?

American Marketing Association (AMA) Chapters at colleges and universities Nationwide will compete against each other for the opportunity to win money for their chapter and a local organization of their choice. 

How does it work?

Competing Chapters will build an advertising campaign for a nonprofit or local small business of their choice. Choose an organization/company that has a current need that has yet to be met over the past year, in part or as a whole, due to the Covid-19 crisis. 

Examples: Nonprofit organizations in need of donations (where donation contributions are down in comparison to previous years due to the pandemic), restaurants that have transitioned to providing takeout and/or other creative services to help save their business (as a result of a decrease in dining-in due to the pandemic), etc. 

Competitors will build a campaign in BluHorn Media Buying and Planning Software using the tools provided within the system (including: campaigns, worksheets, rate cards, and reports).

Critical Mention: There will be REQUIRED Campaign Criteria that all participating chapters MUST pay attention to if they’re looking to win! If you’re competing, make sure you’re paying attention to all rules, specifications, and guidelines…

Are there any awards?

Why Yes! Glad you asked. The winning chapter’s campaign will be funded the $10,000 to spend on behalf of the nonprofit or local small business that they chose. Also, the winning chapter will receive $3,000; the runner-up $2,000; and the third place winner will receive $1,000.

Fill out the form below for additional details, including a complete list of criteria and instructions on how to GET IN ON THE ACTION:

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