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6 Months extended trial to BluHorn media buying and planning software’s Basic Package for all AMI members.

Plan, Buy, Traffic, Reconcile, Analyze & Report (all in one inexpensive platform)

  • Plan, buy, traffic, reconcile, analyze and report of digital and traditional media in one easy to use platform
  • REAL-TIME Digital Insights (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Programmatic )
  • Buy digital with BluHorn Programmatic with no minimums or contracts
  • Integrations with Nielsen and Comscore ratings systems for planning and buying with more power.
  • Access to White-Label media buyers and planners
  • Use software built by media buyers, for media buyers
  • Valued at $1728 ($288/mo)

BluHorn Will Help Your Media Buying And
Planning Process In More Than One Way


Get the Numbers You Need

Both our traditional and digital media buying worksheets include tracking and calculation tools that help you see the numbers you need to know most… reach, frequency, CPM, net/gross cost, impressions, and more.  Reporting with BluHorn pulls this together for your convenience.


Access from anywhere

There’s nothing to install on a PC or Mac with BluHorn, it all works online in the comfort of your browser. The entire site is mobile friendly and can be viewed on devices of all shapes and sizes… just login using the browser on your device. Nothing to install, nothing to download, it’s that simple!


Reporting that Counts!

In BluHorn you can create a multitude of reports for internal use as well as slick, detail-rich client facing reports that can be customized to meet your needs. Want to show something and hide something else? No problem. We give you the ability to chose what’s right for your client.


Integration Rich

Did you know… you can link our digital worksheets to third parties like Facebook and Google? We also offer BluHorn Prommatic, , on all subscription levels. We’ll aggregate all the analytical data from these platforms into our digital insights for you, and graph it against Google Analytics information so that you can really see how your spend is performing.


With our new Digital BluHorn Insights, we can now provide integration of your data from Google Analytics, Facebook Direct, and BluHorn Programmatic DSP data into your digital worksheets. Graph your ad stats against your Google Analytics results… and start to learn what’s really driving results for your clients. 

BluHorn Programmatic offers programmatic buying with NO contracts to sign and NO minimum spending!

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